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  • What radio station do you have on?
  • edlong

    Radio 4 at breakfast, and PM if I’m in the car home (not often)

    Radio 3 mostly during the day.

    6 music Saturday afternoon / evening (Peterson and Charles)

    Radio 3 or 4 on an evening if there’s something I like or am interested in.

    Cooking music (except Saturday afternoon): Flicking between 6music, Kerrang, planet rock, absolute 90s etc trying to find something a bit more kicking but not stale (usually futile).

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    6 music in the weekdays all day long. not so keen on weekends with cerys, gilles, craig charles etc.


    Radio 4 mostly.

    Radio 3 when R4 gets too tiresome or depressing.

    Very occasionally Heart FM when I turn on the radio in the car and my wife has been driving. Usually for about as long as it takes to safely return to Radio 4.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Yes I can see why your wife would listen to Heart as “no one plays a larger variety of music”
    And I concede they aren’t lying as only yesterday they played Crass ,NWA and Mariah Carey back to back.


    I always used to be tuned in to http://www.nsbradio to stay in touch with the type of modern music that doesn’t get any airtime on mainstream stations..
    very good generally


    I have three DAB radios, my alarm radio/dock, my little one at work, and my car unit, and all of them have one station programmed in; 6 Music. If I’m not that interested in a particular programme, then the iPod goes on. Simple.

    Never tried r6moosax, thought I was too old. Inspired to try it on Monday while all my engerland colleagues take the day off to sit in traffic.

    Too old? Cerys plays stuff from around 1920 onwards, all the others stuff from pretty much every decade, current stuff can be everything from dance, folk, Indy, electro, rock…
    I’ve just had a look at my Shazam list for the last week or so:
    Charlotte Church
    Angèle David-Guillou
    Julia Holter
    Mazzy Star
    Doom & Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood
    Frank Turner
    The Dead Weather
    The Comsat Angels
    Tom Lehrer
    The Hics
    David Bowie
    Robert Wyatt
    Bernard Bess Orchestra
    Alec K. Red Fearn & The Eyesores
    Filthy Boy
    Kim Deal
    Fred Neil
    Mama Cass
    Tom Waits
    Lemon Jelly
    Karen O & The Kids
    DJ Shadow
    A good enough variety, I think. 😀

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