What other sports do you do apart from cycling? Any weird combo's?

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  • What other sports do you do apart from cycling? Any weird combo's?
  • sambob

    Hockey, sailing and cycling are all pretty different. Prefer biking over all of them though.


    I do fencing too, and brick-laying, plastering, furniture assembly. You name it…

    Well, it’s the double-dip recession init? 😛


    Kung Fu, Kick boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    All of which seems to have trained me for short bursts so if i have to peddle for more than 3 mins at a time i need a lie down

    Match fishing for me. Used to go all year round but going out on the bike is making a welcome change to sat still freezing my rocks off all day.

    Cycling and surfing
    I Noticed that I sort of surf singletrack, making the most of the opportunities the trail throws at you, pumping for speed, cranking bottom turns, carving banks and cheeky tail slides. Not looking for the fastest line, but the most interesting line. You rarely surf in straight lines.
    Paddling out is like climbing.
    Downhilling is like riding a wave.
    Both can involve odd outfits
    Both are free once you have a board or bike.
    Both cheer me up and return me to civilisation in better state than when I left.
    I also get geeky and a bit of a hoarder with both, I have quiver of eight boards and eight ish bikes
    I have a wooden alaia retro board and a 1927 postie bike
    A 1985 Raleigh USA and 1970’s single fin pintail.
    A curious softail 29er and a five fin bonzer
    A long big dummy cargo-bike and a 11.5 foot massive paddleboard.

    It’s good having four sheds.


    Kick boxing and mma instructor, used to play guitar in a band and do motorcycle trials. All when not mountain biking, just got a fat bike too, so even my biking is getting more diverse


    Wing chun Kung Fu for 15 + yrs. I really believe it helps with the balance on the bike.
    And I don’t mean just tootling along in a straight line at 5 miles per hour ??


    Rugby and skiing. Getting fit for skiing is the reason I started mtbing. It has since taken over my life!


    Trampolining for me.


    fishing and shooting but now the game season is coming to an end cycling is coming back more 😉


    Motorcycle trials and rough rambling.

    Premier Icon aracer

    Windsurfing, long distance surfski racing and rollerski racing (quite weird that I did 2 “ski” races within a couple of weeks, requiring totally different skills) are the things most unlike mountain biking I’ve done in the last year – though I also used to play roller hockey. Off to compete in ski-orienteering in a couple of weeks time!

    Omar Little

    Used to be a pro water polo player (and a pretty serious swimmer before then until it ruined my stroke!). Swimming is generally pretty good exercise for most other sports so probably helped my biking initially

    Premier Icon flebby

    Badminton, aikido, running (preferably off-road)
    Not enough days in the week. Or weekend for that matter 😉

    Premier Icon doom_mountain

    Running and climbing.
    And frisbee.


    Drowning worms and taking photos of overgrown goldfish

    Nice Carp!

    Fishing,Motorcycling, but mostly the ‘push bike’. It’s free!

    Getting fishing gear in a rucksack so i can ride to the lake is the best of both worlds!


    Trail biking (braaaaaaaaaaaaap type), badminton and used to play rugby and hockey, but droped the last two as it was too much.

    Cycling, running, weights and yoga. If there was enough hours in the day, and days in the week, I’d also start climbing and kick boxing again. Miss doing both of them but work and life doesn’t allow for any more sports.


    Rugby weight training and walking. Cycling is more a means of transport in a rural area as I have no license. I found that cycling was extremely detrimental to Rugby as it results in the reduction of your quads and an increase in hamstring the latter causes me a lot of pain if my hamstrings are resting on the edge of the chair. I have to keep them above the chair IE a small stool. I noticed a significant drop in my ability to get round on the rugby field. As I have arthritis in one knee I had to give up running. In the end I had to buy a machine not sure what you would call it possibly a skiing machine but I did not use the arm exerciser (the equivalent of poles?). This mimicked running reasonably well and did not result impact or to be more precise did not affect my arthritis. Either way it was not long before I got a considerably amount of my ability back (not that’s it is that good anyway)

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