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  • What no faff disk brakes?
  • Mikeypies

    I need to replace my Hayes el camino as one of the pistons is buggered and spares are not available :cry:.
    I want a brake that will be great for single finger braking with the bite point close to the bars, but primarly I want a brake that works and is easy to change pads and if needed to be bled easy too and no sticky pistons. Oh and not break the bank or do I want a moon on a stick?

    Are Shimano the brakes of choice for the lazy ie me


    Shimano’s newest brakes. Just pick one at whatever price you are willing to pay.


    USED Shimano XT/SLX from 2008 or newer.

    End of thread. 🙂


    Shimano are indeed the brakes for you. Stuff that works isn’t for the lazies, it’s for people who CBA with the faff of crappy gear.


    Shimano…pick a price point that works for you, buy and fit them….enjoy riding and not having to bleed brakes all the time.

    To this day the best brakes I’ve used were the cheap OEM Shimanos on a Trek hardtail I bought for £500, the SLX ones I have now are also good but lacking the wall-hitting bite the cheap bike had….or maybe I ride faster now, who knows but Shimano every time for me.

    Stu McGroo

    XT’s. Got mine from Rose Bikes, bargaintastic.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    My 4 sets of Formula Oros were all low or zero faff, one of them had a minor wear and tear part fail but then, they’re ancient, the rest were all just fit-and-go. Just took a set down from the box in the garage where they’ve been for 2 years, stuck them on the soda, and immediately working as well as anything else.

    My Shimanos were slight faff, a caliper seal seized up and o’course couldn’t be bought seperately. OTOH swapping the caliper was cheap, and quicker than replacing seals etc so I suppose that’s still low faff but I wasn’t delighted to have to do it on a fairly new brake.


    Cheers Guys got some XT ordered


    Probably a bit late now but going against the grain and would say avoid shimano, I’ve had nothing but hassle with my slx. gone back to my juicy 5s for the time being!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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