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  • patriotpro

    Cougar/Drac pls move thread. 🙄


    get yourself on ebay and get her a Nokia 6310. Battery lasts about a week and a 5 year old could get it to work.


    My mum would like one to replace her ancient Nokia clamshell type thing but she is adamant she doesn’t want a smartphone.

    Bar cups and string, do you have any you would recommend?

    Battery life and ease of use are must-bes…


    Nokia 100’ll be ideal.
    £25.00 or less new – Battery appears to almost last for ever.
    Easy to use, simple voice and text phone.

    They seem pretty tough too – I got one for my mum about 6 months ago, and given the number of times it’s been soaked whilst out walking the dogs, or generally battered about in the stables / over on the allotment, it’s still working fine.

    I did get a packet of stick-on screen protectors for it too tho’, just to make it’s life a little bit easier.

    Premier Icon johnnystorm

    Doro (?) or Binatone make some VERY basic looking phones. Bought a Binatone one for my Gran. She keeps it charged up but never takes it anywhere. 🙄


    Samsung Keystone II.

    I got a bunch of them unlocked (but with an O2 PAYG package included) for £5 from Tesco.

    Great battery life. Easy to use. Really small too.

    Did I mention that they were £5 unlocked?!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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