What must do’s in Slovenia 🇸🇮?

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  • What must do’s in Slovenia 🇸🇮?
  • alpin

    Off to Slovenia later today for a two weeks. Been busy with life and not had any time to read up about the place.

    Starting in Kranjska Gora for some bike festival thing and then seeing where the mood takes us.

    Any must do trails, tours, waterfalls, beers, foods or other activities?

    Soca Valley?

    We are flexible as we have the van.

    Thanks in advance!


    Lake Bled. It is touristy and can be busy, however it and the surrounding area are up there with the most beautiful places I’ve seen. Can’t remember the name but local adventure company in the town are brilliant. Would highly recommend canyoning and white water rafting if that’s something you’re interested in.



    Some of the best food and drink I’ve ever tasted was in Slovenia. Restaurants sourcing fresh ingredients from the local area and fabulous wine and beer. Great country with lovely people. Enjoy.

    Premier Icon YoKaiser

    Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj. And second the eating, there is a cracking restaurant at Bled whose name escapes me. One of the best meals I’ve ever had. Edit: It was called Okarina.

    I do remember turning up to our hotel at Bled but out in the sticks, real east european number very tired and dated. Then walking into Bled and the first food place in the concrete arcade sold horse burgers. I was ready to pack up and head back to Austria. Glad we stayed though.

    Premier Icon welshfarmer

    Climb the Triglav and get down some of the caves, especially Postojna Jama.

    As above really, Lake Bled, Postojna caves, and the castle in Lubljana.

    Premier Icon jackf

    I second the triglav national park, some incredible waterfalls and views etc.  Tri-border point (tromeja?) with Austria and Italy; well worth it. Lake bled was touristy, but for obvious reasons (it’s stunning in the sun) and would certainly do anyway.

    Enjoy the clean air and stunning views. Would love to go back.

    Soca valley is a lovely ride. Get an icecream at the top of the Visic (spelling??) Pass and then watch out for the cobbled hairpins on the decent. I did it on Kona Lava Dome towing a trailer years ago. Overtaking cars as you hit the cobbles and the trailer got airborne was fun!

    Oh and bike packing style trip from I think it was Slovenj Gradic to Maribor about 100km offroad and pop out if the mountains at the top of the Maribor downhill runs!


    Was just Red or Green when I went. The locals all seemed to think one was better than the other..both just tasted like lager to me

    Had a holiday in Bovec years ago.  Great base for water-based activities like rafting, kayaking etc, but would really recommend canyoning.  I did it in the Fratarica Canyon – great day out and not something you can experience in many places.  It is a beautiful country.


    From Kranjska-Gora
    – Walk up to Tromeja from Ratece. It’s a pleasant walk up thru the woods
    – Cycle the Sava valley
    – From Vrsic Pass you can easily get up to some higher peaks e.g. Mojstrovka and Sleme.  Visit the Russian chapel on the way up or down from KG
    – eat lovely yet ridiculously cheap ice-creams

    Some of the smaller hills between KG and Bled/Bohinj,  e.g. Debela Pec have amazing views of the bigger Julian Alps peaks and are accessible most of the year. The walk up to them through the forests and meadows are stunning (watch out for bears…well signs saying watch out for bears).

    Re:Triglav, check the weather and the webcam as there can still be a lot of snow and ice up there this time of year.

    The Karawanke ridge is a nice place to walk.  Stol/Hochstuhl is a the highest point on the Karawanke ridge and well worth a day trip. From the Austria side there’s a great via ferrata/kletterstieg route up it. The Presernova hut just below the summit on the Slovenian side is supposed to be amazing but it was close when we were there in late Sept ’14.

    Lake Bohinj is quieter than Lake Bled and lots of nice walks to do around there.

    From K-G cycle over the border to Italy and have lunch in Tarvisio


    climb krn and stay in the bunkhouse which is a WW1 artllery bunker at the top.  ~the ww1 museum was good as well.


    Oh there’s also the WWI museum up the Wurzen Pass




    Triglav is a great hill with several fairly straightforward options but either one longish day or 2 shorter days with an over night in a hut.

    Premier Icon mccraque

    Love Slovenia! Ljubljana is good for a day or so, but then Lake Bled and Bohinj are both fantastic. You can take your bike up in the cable car at Bohinj and hoon the downhills.

    We used the adventure company at Bled, and did some rafting down the River Sava as well. That was a lot of fun.

    Lots of Dutch people in caravans around the lake, but very few English.

    Premier Icon Rik

    Beer – drink the local wheat beer. Cheap and easily as good as the German stuff.

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