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  • Premier Icon stevie750

    [/url] harris by Stevie’s Photo’s, on Flickr[/img]

    Haven’t been out in a while, probably going to sell it soon

    Don’t know if 27 BHP would be enough though!

    That depends on where and why you ride. Honda claim 39 BHP for my VTZ250, which is probably close to 27 in the real world and that’s fine for me to go wafting about the countryside at speeds I can wear an open face helmet for. Throw in a few motorways and dual carriageways and rather more patience is required.

    I write with a tear in my eye,
    I have an Aprilia RST Futura

    Failed MoT, nothing too serious but it was waiting for me to get round to fixing it when the lockup was broken into. The resulting damage has meant it’s not worth fixing up so it’s likely to end up in bits on ebay. I’m gutted. Apart from the rarity value (I’ve only seen 4 and own one of those), it’s the best bike I’ve ever owned. Amazing reliability apart from electrical problems (resolved by shorting out the offending articles), comfortable enough for a week long round Britain 1600 mile jaunt, all the torque you’d expect from a big twin, fast and sharp enough to keep me happy.

    Still, I’d never have got shot of it otherwise, so might now look at one of these as a replacement

    I really enjoy the Bonnie. It’s a little slow, I’ve only had 110 out of it, but the different pace and style of riding was exactly what I wanted.

    ..or as my brother said about his when asked how fast it went
    “Don’t know, at 90 it rattles so much I’m scared it’ll fall to bits so slow down”

    Premier Icon Northwind

    rp16v – Member

    northwind – stunning is that a gsx front end i see?

    Cheers- aye, K6 GSXR750 forks.

    @Tomaso- totally agree… There’s always been rumous of a 650R version. Ironically you can build one using almost entirely off-the-shelf Suzuki parts and everything fits up like factory, just needs one custom spec bearing.

    What’s annoying is that the stock one’s suspension isn’t so terrible, it just has stupidly light springs and oil in the forks, so the average UK rider is too heavy for them. Daft, it’d cost peanuts to correct that.


    Is the TY street legal

    It’s registered and I have the lighting kit but it’s been SORNed since 19-oatcake.

    if yes ow much

    Family heirloom so not for sale 😉


    Kept in the family bike shed,

    Honda XR600R
    BSA ZB31
    BMW R100R
    BMW R12
    Matchless G80
    Matchless trials special
    MotoGuzzi V50

    Not running:
    2x James Cadet
    Matchless ?
    Triumph Adventurer

    AJS Flat-tanker
    Velocette KSS
    BMW R5

    I think that’s it, but something may have slipped my mind.

    Premier Icon momo

    GSX-R750 SRAD here, 2500 miles, a couple of trackdays 😀 and 1 lowside crash 😥 this year. Currently in bits for a winter freshen up.

    430387_10152371259940107_472272612_n by le_grande_momo, on Flickr


    1976 Z900.

    Thinking of either doing a budget Sanctuary job on it, or selling it and getting a Speed Triple…

    Decisions, decisions.

    Premier Icon flange

    2011 blade. H&M quick shifter, BST wheels (now, pic shows it the day I collected it), Ackro full system. Scares me senseless and has been ridden about 8 times. God knows why I bought it…

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Nice that Flange.

    Premier Icon flange

    Cheers – It’s a fantastic machine (I don’t normally like singing the praises of my own stuff, normally because I buy rubbish) but its waaaaay too much for me. I had more fun on the loaner CBR600r they lent me when this went in for its first service.

    Premier Icon nano

    Moto Guzzi v11 Tenni Le Mans only made 180
    Standard except for Maxton forks and shock and BMC filter


    Honda XR

    Yammy TDM

    Garage filling Honda Transalp


    This, though without the target.

    Vespa GT200

    Premier Icon porter_jamie

    98 R1 in r+w 43k miles
    rd400 earlystocker with pro porting barrels, tz carbs, ignition, pipes etc. Fe 500 championship winner
    1992 tz250a frame modified to accept rotax 604, supermono championship winner in 2006
    350lc F2 manchester motor complete in bits

    i want a hinkley bonneville or similar for tooling about


    Suzuki V-Strom

    Crossing a ford in the Pyrennees.[video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPQL6dPegmc[/video]



    BMW K1200R – awesome engine even if the bike is a bit of tank
    ZX9R that I should get rid of really but never get around to it.

    Mrs Marge has a lovely white & grey Ducati Monster as her legs are too short for much else 🙂

    Premier Icon ben

    Honda Phantom.

    I’m only allowed a 200cc bike, having passed my first test in Singapore this year (need to drive for a year before I can take the 400cc test, then another year until big bike test 🙁 ). I do get to ride big engined exotica in Thailand though. 🙂

    Don’t have a photo to hand, but looks like this:

    Not been delivered yet, so doesn’t strictly meet the ‘in the garage’ criterion:


    Neat paint job on the Scorpa

    Harris Magnum 😛

    Premier Icon totalshell

    nine currently keeping warm in the garage.. latest addition fully restored to better than new 1975 honda 400/4.. come the summer it ‘ll be visiting pubs ..


    Neat paint job on the Scorpa

    Standard 2011 SR280

    My old mans 1978 GL 1000 and my old knacker


    2002 Ducati 998s
    2011 Ducati Diavel

    Have got ride of the following in the last two years
    KTM 950 SM
    GS1150 ADV – and I really wish I hadn’t
    Buell Cyclone

    Nice one Godzilla, I can even see Fremington Edge in the distance!
    Nice ones for Birky & Sharkbait as well.

    My last one was this…

    Bulto by jimmyg352, on Flickr

    really wish I’d kept the bloody thing! still itching for another trially bike. 😡

    i had a brief fling with a CCM R35 and it was fun whilst it lasted, the suzuki lump was reliable but the Rotax version had more soul.


    My daily hack:

    And a great laugh it is too.

    My not so well used anymore, GSXR


    This is Me…. FZ6 S2


    Kawa Versys. Added a Scorpion exhaust to mine and some better mirrors which don’t vibrate anymore.

    Also looking to get a XR or a DRZ as they look fun 🙂


    Garage earlier today:

    Premier Icon bonzodog

    In my garage front room Ive got a Ducati

    hmmm, always liked those Ducati!!

    b r

    There are an awful lot of barely used m/c’s on this post, hope your MTB’s are not the same?

    Premier Icon firestarter

    Mine looks clean but its like triggers brush 😉


    My two:

    2010 Aprilia Tuono:

    2012 Triumph Street Triple R:


    Which do you prefer Gilo?

    and does anyone have any experience of the R35 CCM?

    Premier Icon firestarter

    Ooohh gilo they are two bikes I want , no need lol


    ‘Nudder picture of the STR showing the Fresco lowboy can which (IMO) looks far better than the hideous standard underseat cans (and sounds great too):

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Ms Rickmeisters stolen and much loved, highly modded xt 600e

    Yam R1 disc and caliper
    Bored out carbs
    Gas flowed and skimmed head
    Excel rims


    alexxx: very, very hard to say, both cracking bikes that suit me down to the ground. The Tuono handles superbly (I’ve raised the rear ride height and raised the forks in the yokes which makes it turn in quicker without making it twitchy – I do have a Hyperpro RSC damper fitted though) and the V twin grunt is very addictive, it’s the easiest overtaking bike I’ve ever had, pretty much whatever gear just twist n’ go!

    The Street Triple was a grower tbh, probably because they are so hyped up in the motorcycle press. I realised it was a very good bike straight away, didn’t quite get the whole Street Triple love-fest. However, the more I’ve ridden it (2000 miles since buying it in June) the more I realise just what a stunning road bike it is. It weighs sod-all so handles superbly on my favourite B roads (suspension is over-sprung for my 11 stone though) but what’s surprised me is how practical it is, my wife finds it far better riding pillion than she does on the Tuono. It’s also a superb engine, hugely torquey for it’s relatively small size.

    Both are keepers and will be in my garage for a good few years (nothing out there at the moment I’d change either for) and I hope to hell I never have to get rid on one and keep the other. If I’m honest I reckon it’d be a toss a coin job followed by months of depression!!


    Firestarter – if you ever find yourself in Bristol you’re welcome to try them out 🙂


    thanks Gilo just what I needed to hear, thinking of trying a Triumph with the same thoughts in mind (light for the alpine roads around me and good for a pillion)


    Centauro V10 anyone?

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