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  • DickBarton

    About 3 months ago I upgraded my Vodafone contract and went for a Sony Ericsson W715 – a very good phone but not ideal but the best from the bunch I could upgrade to.

    I’ve decided now I really do need a zoom and flash on the camera so I’m thinking of selling it and buying a more suitable phone.

    I’ve no real idea what is out there (or any idea how much I could get for the W715 – after from daily use it is immaculate (as it is used daily it isn’t as-new condition as it does get used)) – so I’m looking for advice please?

    What I’m after –

    No slider existing and previous phone are sliders and I really don’t like them – ideally a candy bar but might consider touchscreen if it works.
    Can withstand a few knocks – doesn’t need to withstand a nuclear war but it lives in my pockets and can be thrown around (i.e. if I fall off my bike!)
    5Mp camera – with zoom and a flash
    Bluetooth (SE seem to have the best implementation of Bluetooth as it works seamlessly with my car kit – Nokia and Samsung have been hit and miss)
    NOT an Iphone
    Ability to play media files (music and video)
    Good battery life – the W715 gets used a lot daily and the battery last 3 days between charges – I want that, not charging it daily
    The Form factor shouldn’t be any bigger than a first gen Nokia N95

    Also, ideally I’m hoping to punt the W715 and put very little towards the new phone.

    Any suggestions please?



    Get an iPhone and use your current phone when there’s a risk of destroying it. I’ve just gone over to one and they’re ace!


    Take a look at the Sony Ericsson C902. Has 5 Mp camera, 3G, Bluetooth etc and can now be had cheap(er) due to C905 coming out.


    Had a C902 and it failed on pretty much everything – I’m sure it was a faulty phone but put me right off…also has a slider of sorts so I’m not convinced.

    I’m against Iphones – primarily as they are Apple and primarily sold because it looks good and then because it does everything – I’m the complete opposite and loathe things to look good over function, from the mates who have them, they seem to have to charge them everyday – some use them all the time others use them for calls (and the image), but they all say it needs charged everyday – not what I’m after.

    I was getting a bit worried as this had no replies last night – I figured with everyone going on the Iphone Bash/praise onslaught that people would have an idea of something that could satisfy my requirements…but the silence was a touch worrying…so far, Iphone is out – it won’t work with Vodafone anyway and the C902 is a potential contender…

    Anything else? Thanks for the suggestions so far.


    Cheap Nokia. Bombproof and you won’t cry if it gets nicked/lost/destroyed by aliens.


    N95 8GB .. yeah no zoom but the camera is pretty good, the slider actually works and it can take a few knocks. (mine has been kicked into a rockpool, fallen down stairs onto solid floor and survived a few crashed on the bike.)


    I’ve got the first gen Nokia N95 and I’m not looking for another – the slider goes both ways in a pocket (which is why I’m not wanting a slider as a replacement).

    I’m not looking for a phone just for my biking, ideally a phone to do it all (from my original list), so the toughness is a requirement but so is everything else.



    I’m thinking of getting an HTC Magic. I think it meets all of your requirements apart from the camera stuff, but then I don’t take many pics anyway. Does anyone else have one?


    I quite fancy a nokia 5800, nice big screen for maps…


    Nokia 5800 meets most of your requirements, DB. Battery life is ok provided you don’t use if for lots of media/WiFi/GPS stuff.

    £24 p/m on Vodafone with unlimited text and internet, 600 talk minutes (not sure I’ve spoken on a phone for 600 minutes cumulatively) and no roaming charges in Europe this summer.


    Aye has everything but the camera – which is probably going to be liveable with (as I’m fairly certain I’m never going to get the phone I’m ideally after) – I now need to locate a cheap source for one as I can’t get it from Vodafone (without paying big bucks)…cheers.


    Have a look at the e71.

    The camera is pretty shite, and the flash is overpowering within 3-5 feet (i.e. useless!)

    Apart from that, it’s a damn fine phone. The standard wee leather holster it comes with makes it pretty robust too, and is pocket friendly. Battery life is reasonable for a standard phone, excellent for a smartphone. I get about 3-4 days between charges in normal use. Wee bit of GPS, some WiFi, plenty texts, 20 odd calls per day, bit of web browsing / snaptu use. And BBC iPlayer works on it!

    This is the firt e-series Nokia I have had. It’s a bit of a revelation. I have previously suffered the nokia beta-testing programme that is the N-series (N80, N95 mk1) – both truly shocking phones. The e-series phones are so much better, but with the bells & whistles turned down a tad (like a crap camera)

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