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  • zokes
    jonah tonto


    …4:14 that was uglier than a bag of mashed up arseholes
    im mean, where else would you hear that?

    Premier Icon eddie11

    Hugh porter and david millar last years worlds were good.


    I quite like Sherwen and Ligget.
    I know they talk drivel quite often, but that pair doing the Vuelta just now remind me of the sort of commentary you used to get on Grandstand when they’d run out of money for proper sports and could only cover some mid-winter cyclocross race in Norfolk.


    Talking constantly about a race for 4-6 hours is pretty difficult, and doing it over 1-3 weeks is even harder. They shouldn’t try and fill every second.

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Hugh Porter – isn’t he the one who refers to Cavendish as the Manx Express

    Premier Icon huckleberryfatt

    I like it when Sean Kelly says Scarponi and general classification


    Watching ITV4’s coverage and the commentating is utterly banal and unengaging, Watson sounds as though he gargling too.

    Sherwen and Ligget are so repetitive and cliché ridden.

    What or who would make the ideal commentator?


    any one that isnt south african

    i have given up watching the vuelta already as i only have access to supersport over here and its like watching nails dragging down a blackboard repetitively!


    Get Warner in.

    Anyone that’s slips “releasing chocolate hostages” into commentary gets my vote


    David Harman & Sean Kelly.

    They make a great team..

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    I like it when Sean Kelly says “making the calculation” and “general classification classement” (repeatedly)

    Actually, I don’t but I like Magnus Backstedt and I quite like a bit of David Harmon too

    Warner’s good fun but a teeny tiny bit wearing IMO


    The Spanish commentators are excellent, a professional journalist (Carlos de Andres) and Perico Delgado.

    What makes them great? Knowledge, a good rapport, they know when to talk about the race and when to talk crap about the chateaux they’re showing on the helicopter TV feed.


    Duffield could be entertaining but often not in a good way, too many left field anecdotes and bizarre trivia about french cheese but on occasion I do miss his inane ramblings.However Harmon (+ Kelly or Backstead) is excellent IMO a real enthusiast which is what makes a good commentator.Hopefully he will get better soon and be back instead of the cretinous Carlton Kirby.


    I just watched yesterdays time trial, man alive! why don’t they just drag Mick Mcarthy in and have done with it….

    I’m hoping Miller gets a gig commentating when he retires.


    Agree about the Spanish RTVE commentators. Perico’s calls are usually spot on (though so are Kelly’s), and when they have to waffle about some village or Chateau they don’t pretend that they actually know the place intimately and they’re not really reading it off a sheet 😉

    Premier Icon matthewjb


    Just combine all the qualities of Liggett, Sherwen and Carlton Kirby. And then take the opposite.

    I hate Phil & Paul. But mostly because of their stance on doping rather than their rubbish commentary.

    As others have said, Dave Harmon is good. Sadly he’s been sidelined by ill health. I generally enjoy him and Kelly.

    The best ones you don’t notice.


    Scrathchy throat man makes me want to tear my ears off.


    You know the monotone, rip your cock off and stab yourself in the ears so you burst your ear drums so you no longer can hear and Fekkin god awful boring fwkking word that comes out of his irish mouth bloke on eurosport?

    Not him.

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