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  • what leg warmers?
  • Premier Icon sefton

    what leg warmers are good?

    Surely not!
    I know Alan Parker won a BAFTA last night but resurrecting this fashion disaster, really?


    DHB roubaix ones are!

    Premier Icon ibnchris

    the gore ones are not great. No grippy silicon stuff. Unless I just got a dud batch

    Craft or Santini for well priced ones.

    My Rapha knee warmers are very nice so I’d assume their leg warmers are also.


    My Gore Windstopper ones have grippy silicone bands. Nice and warm too


    I like the Endura FS-260 ones, they have a more durable panel around the knee so are better for off road.

    I like to wear bib-knicks most of the time but got sick of shelling out 60 quid every time I ripped a knee, so now I wear the Endura FS-260 shorts and knee warmers. Problem solved!

    Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy

    Castelli Nanoflex seem OK to me but only worth it if you want the slightly-enhanced water-shedding they offer. Other than that they’re not any warmer than a roubaix style warmer. They do stay up pretty well though (considering the material isn’t as stretchy as some, it also bunches a bit behind the knee but not to the extent I actually notice it whilst riding). Size-wise they come up pretty small (even length-ways) so probably need to size up one from shorts/tights sizing.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    What do leg-warmers need to do?

    1. Keep legs warm
    2. Not fall down

    In that respect the ones I bought from Aldi a few months ago are perfect. I’ve been out in some pretty horrific weather – on both road and mountain bike – and they do their job without me really noticing. Not sure why I’d pay more.

    They even survived the crash that broke my collarbone 😀

    +1 for Endura F260 – They are excellent, nice & warm 🙂


    waiting till mid feb to buy some, what you been wearing so far? Endura 260’s though are great


    +1 for Craft (one of my better purchases)

    the ones I bought from Aldi a few months ago are perfect

    +1 for Aldi specials. Still going strong after a pretty crappy winter, and all for £8 I think. Can’t go wrong.


    there’s not much you can do badly with leg warmers is there?
    shouldn’t be buying them to match your shorts?
    I have dhb Roubaix ones and they are good…

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