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  • ndthornton

    I’m thinking it’s time for a new waterproof jacket but I’m confused by all the different options – even from a single brand. I already have an Endura Stealth jacket for my freezing cold morning commutes to work on the road bike. The stealth is perfect for this but way too thick for mtb and also I want to keep the stealth undamaged and relatively clean (i.e just for commuting).

    The jacket I currently use for MTB is North face lightweight walking shell type jacket with the hood cut off. This has been OK as the jacket spends most of its time in my camel back. Its very steep where I ride so I only need a single layer generally or I overheat. It only comes out when it rains heavy, or occasionally for windy hilltops/descents, or sometimes when I stop for faffing. So I need something thin, light, waterproof and windproof. I’m not spending long periods in it so not bothered about fancy fabrics, breathability or stretchy panels – although some vents to unzip would be a bonus. Main thing is I don’t want it to leak in a heavy downpoor.

    I’m happy with Endura – they seem good value for money but which model should I get or can anyone recommend a different brand?
    Absolute limit £80 – but preferably less as I have a tendency to crash and rip!


    Premier Icon somouk

    With a budget of £80 you’re limiting it to the light weight jackets anyway but there will be plenty on offer.

    Just have a wander around go outdoors and take a look at some or even Decathlons running/riding kit could do exactly what you want for not many pennies.


    I was after some real world experience of which ones work best really – stay waterproof for longer etc
    Iv had some really rubbish ones in the past.

    I’ll buy online for extra cheapness

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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