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  • What is your post truth?
  • After reading this whole thread I feel I know less about this confusing term than when I started, which was zero!

    Like many buzz-phrases cropping up of late I could probably head to Youtube and see what people generally mean by it. See you later.

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    It’s more than lying, perhaps conspiracy theories going mainstream is a better analogy?

    Dry January

    Scottish referendum
    EU referendum

    All shared this as a common them

    Of the excellent words in The Economist article linked above, these are v telling

    t is tempting to think that, when policies sold on dodgy prospectuses start to fail, lied-to supporters might see the error of their ways. The worst part of post-truth politics, though, is that this self-correction cannot be relied on. When lies make the political system dysfunctional, its poor results can feed the alienation and lack of trust in institutions that make the post-truth play possible in the first place.


    Oxforddictionaries – ‘post-truth’ – an adjective defined as ‘relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief’

    People have quickly taken to using this to insult and undermine others choices.
    People are bending the rules of the ‘objective facts’ part to fit their own bias

    People are bending the rules of the ‘objective facts’ part to fit their own bias

    Objective fact – ‘Most grass usually appears green to the human eye’
    Political fact: ‘If libtard feminist BLM snowflake cucks laid off the grass then they might eventually wake up to the lie that is man-made Global warming’

    I pressed the button. Now apparently I’m some kind of pill-popper. Red, or blue or something.

    It’s like the Matrix! Or a cow drawing a shedload of burgers? Drawing my own conclusion?

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    Post truth is not the same thing. It is instead the audience willfully chosing to reject the evidence for a thing, and of their own volition, believe something other than what the data either suggests or makes compelling to believe (I won’t use the word ‘prove’ since you can’t really ever prove anything).

    Don’t know if it comes under the same thing, but been following the “Leith Hill Protestors” on FB having attended their so called protest. Almost every post continues to be about fracking, digging up “facts” from all over the web about the nastiness of fracking. Yet time and time again the actual evidence including the filed plans they copied from the oil company, says that the planned drilling is short term test for potential regular oil drilling and doesn’t involve fracking at all. The “truth” they continue to promote is frack this, frack that. It’s a laugh that all those hippies aren’t even local or really know about the real issues to the locals. Their agenda is to just find anything vaguely oil/gas related and protest about fracking. The way I read their stuff is that they’re not deliberately lying, but they actually believe the crap they’re coming out with. This is then posted all over social media and picked up by the news.


    I’ve been hearing and reading the term ‘post-truth’ all over the media for ages, and I don’t even read much in the way of newspapers, watch only the early evening BBC news, and hear only the BBC news on Radio 2/6Music/Radio 3, depending on what type of radio the car I’m driving has, which does rather beg the question, if I’m picking up on it, why are so many commenting on here that they’ve never heard of it?

    My understanding is that, in politics, it refers to the way candidates (and Remainers/Brexiteers) reject the need to substantiate what they are saying and – in some cases – baldly lie to the public.

    There, FTFY.

    Last year we put a sign up above the front door at work that says “facts not opinions”.

    I wasn’t sure what post-truth meant. I’d probably heard it but it hasn’t really registered. To be honest I’ve been avoiding the news more since the middle of 2016 and focusing on my own life, my family and my business more. If people want to go all post-truth then more fool them – but sadly I can’t hold back the tide of stupidity…

    CountZero, I hear the news occasionally on 6music and that’s it for broadcasted news in my life. I bought a newspaper once or twice last year. I read various websites for news when I want to. I’m sure many of those younger than me are even more disconnected from mainstream news media…


    I’ll bet its a word invented by the media for those whose sad little lives exist for(anti)social media and the need to be trendy. It doesn’t make sense anyway. Its not a word, its two which mean after truth which suggest s it follows truth and thus could be true or not.
    I bet my fatuous arsehole of a brother brother in law, who lives in London, works in advertising and thinks good things have to be expensive and be designer designed, uses the word. Cretin of the first rate.

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    I’ll bet its a word invented by the media for those whose sad little lives exist for(anti)social media and the need to be trendy.

    How much do you want to lose? Earliest identified use is 1992.

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    It’s getting a bit Partridge now.

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