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  • What is your No1 worry in life . . . . ?
  • jojoA1

    Whether my boobs will stop before they get to my belly button or carry on South.

    Whether Mr Jojo will ever stop being grumpy.

    Whether my children will turn out ok.

    It varies.

    Premier Icon rockitman

    The lump my doctor found in my nose – 5%
    If I’ll ever sort out the mess that is my “love” life – 65%
    Job / career etc 30%

    Premier Icon geoffj

    I have 2, a 4 year old and a 2 year old. Not much else matters in the grand scheme of things.

    what tyres for the STW Quantocks ride on 21st March 😉

    why is my knee clicking sometimes. Didnt do it before the crash.

    And going back to university.

    Wether the Big Bike Bash tickets will sell out before some of you great people have got off your arses and bought one.


    I would hate for anyone to miss out but there can only be 500 tickets and they are selling out fast


    Losing my job. Company has just announced a 1. something billion euro loss. Young, no dependant, savings, qualified so I’ll survice but I’ve just managed to find a job within 10 miles of my GF so was kind of hoping it would last for a long time as the long distance relationship thing really was a drag.


    What’s yours SST?

    Money – now that I a able to save saving isn’t worthwhile. I managed to hoist myself out of debt (except for student loans) last summer and now look with growing despair at getting a mortgage.

    Monthly earnings aren’t the problem it’s a deposit for us and despite my parents offering to support us it still makes me feel uneasy asking them for help.


    going to the freezer . to find no vodka in it.

    One of my best mates has asked me to record Avril Lavine’s “Skater Boy” and put it on youtube as it’s one of her favourite tunes. Do I sing the song word for word, or do I try and change the lyrics so it’s Skater Girl? The karaoke in Gibraltar is also the unofficial gay bar so I probably wouldn’t get grief for any trans-gender kareokying.


    That my new bike arrives at the shop on Friday so that I can build it with overly anal detail over the weekend.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    That the amount of work I have to do between now and Friday means that I get to leave the office before Friday.

    That my relationship can cope with the ridiculous amount of work I currently have to do and the fact doing it will bring no financial advantage and probably no additional job security.

    That if I burned down the office, how would I do it so I wasn’t caught….

    I can’t decide really,
    Trying to revive my career after 5 years/finding a job, partner just been made redundant we have no income!
    cancer scares- (scans scheduled)
    terrible illnesses and accidents
    The state of this country
    old age and decay

    suprisingly Im a happy guy though

    Having a bad stack.
    Losing my job.
    Current roof repairs on the go (£4k worth).



    I have debt and a house worth sh!t.

    Though having said that I’ll never go without.

    My default setting seems to be ‘anxious’. That’s what really worries me.

    If I could just sail thru life not giving a **** about things that are out of my control or are unimportant [most things I think] I know I would be happier, but it’s easier said than done.

    I really love riding my bike, I have a great relationship with my family, fantastic gf and I my closest friends asked me to be a godfather to their wonderful daughter, which is the best thing any one’s ever asked me to do. So I should be happy, but…

    Work is another worry. I really need to find a job, but am put off by the interview rigmarole, unavoidable BS and Mon-Fri slog. I am not worried by lack of motivation and that worries me.


    Premier Icon kimbers

    Running out of teabags when you really need a cuppa at 2a.m….
    Wait for it…
    No teabags, and no alcohol either 😥


    That “selling out fast” really means perpetually available and I’ve been rushing to buy things all my life when there was absolutely no need.


    Being in Ezra’s situation.

    I mean.. the bloke was afflicted with the worst cancer any cyclist could think of and he continues make beautiful bikes.
    Good luck to him.


    My last thought being “Well you **** that one up Georgieboy”


    don’t worry about much… maybe Im just a bit fick.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    What the world will be like in 20 / 30 years time and therefore whether having kids for the sake of having kids is wise.

    Cancer’s up there, with my family’s history.

    The amount of work (essay-writing) I have to do in the next 4 weeks.

    Finding a job / staying out of debt once studying is done.

    Whether I’ll find enough time to bike / climb as much as I would like ever again. And missing the living in the Peak District for that reason, too.

    The GF’s recent discovery (by the osteopath) that she has bone damage on her sacro iliac joint so might never realistically be able to enjoy her favourite activity, hillwalking, again.

    What will happen to my sister and her kids after the messy divorce has gone through.

    What will happen to the cute little baby fox in my dream last night.

    how soon will I be able to get back riding again after having the stitches out of my shoulder next Friday?

    I don’t want to miss the STW Quantocks ride on 21st & I’m planning on going to Wales for the weekend after 🙁

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Currently, my distinct lack of job, career and money.
    I’m off out for a ride to try and escape the facts…

    Nobody wanting to shag me, thats another


    me and my families health,I have a particular fear of cancer

    nothing else scares me tbh


    Getting caught shagging next door’s neighbour’s wife he’s a big bloke.


    The very distinct possibility of losing my job in a few weeks time is very much at the top of the list at the moment.

    This is compounded with the thought that if I do I have absolutely no idea what I will do with the next half of my working life.

    Over the last week or so it has dawned on me that my job and the company I work for defines to a great extent who I am in life and I do distinctly not like that feeling one bit.

    I know I must take control, but I suspect that is perhaps my greatest weakness


    Being old and having no pension and being ill 🙁


    my wife / my marriage
    my kids being safe
    my own sanity


    my biggest worry is my life…i’m not responsible enough to have this much fun..

    1 periodic bouts of depression and what they do to those around me.
    2 developing some serious disease or having a life-changing accident.
    3 whether my on-order tubeless kit is going to work.


    1 dying while my child’s still young
    2 my child being in a situation where she’s afraid or in pain

    Premier Icon kimbers

    the undead

    specifically a plague of zombies

    Sorting out my daugters diabetes as we don’t have control over her blood levels yet and a shortage of coffee beans

    Ending up in a care home

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