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  • What is your favourite MTB saddles ?
  • didnthurt
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    I’ve a Bell Air that is a few years old, it’s just the budget one but is incredibly comfy, and have done 12 hour + riding days on it with no issues. It is over 300g which is about 100g overweight IMO. But its not broken, yet, unlike a few other ti & steel railed saddles I’ve owned.

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    Current favourite is Bel Air 3. Used to love a WTB Volt as well but has to be the 142 version. Current bike came with the 135 version and just didn’t get on with it. (Going cheap if anyone wants. Not so stealth ad). Brook Cambium C17 is really comfy but not so durable finish for all weather mtb use. Great on road bike though.

    Hated the Charge Spoon. Scoop was OK on gravel bike but not my favourite. Was fitted for an Ergon SM but didn’t like that either.

    Have had good Bontrager saddles on previous bikes. They do a 30 day no quibble refund if you find you don’t like them.

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    I have just gone for a Brooks C17 on my gravel bike and love it to bits.

    So much so that I am going for the same on my Orange 5.

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    WTBs seem to suit me, from the “bargains” thread, I found this for £15, could be worth a try?
    WTB Koda Cromoly Saddle 255mm x 145mm
    Also the Tag Metals T1 (not Ti, T-One 😉 ) came on a bike I bought and it fits me perfectly. That’s also on sale on

    But yeah, all bums are different 🍑

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    I prefer a slightly softer saddle and find the harder edges on cut outs uncomfortable so I’m currently using a Smanie AT saddle on my main FS. I just checked and they’re currently on sale so have bought a spare.

    AT (All-Terrain)

    I also have a couple of Fizik Gobi’s on other bikes but I think they’ve been discontinued now.

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    Specialized Power. Base model is fine. Suits me.Try and return available

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    Saddles are always so very much personal choice, my current favourite for the last few years is a Selle San Marco Aspide Open-Fit Racing

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