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  • What is your favorite bike that you have owned?
  • dirtbiker100
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    07 Giant Trance. But I get the feeling my new Last Herb FR could be taking top spot as soon as the shock comes back from warranty…

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    Loved this, was a Shedfire/Dave Yates design

    Dave Yates Diabolo by greyhoundjim, on Flickr

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    My P7 , Not entirely sure how old it is as I’m the 2nd owner but it’s from around the time they started putting disc mounts on them.

    I originally bought it to sell in parts but a quick ride in the local woods and I started stripping the bits of my susser to go onto it. Don’t think I’ll ever part with it.

    Paid a bloke a £5 to take the V brake bosses off the frame and my mate did me a free spray job.

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    Carlosg, loving that paintjob, proper retro stylee 😀

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    My 07 Sx Trail with 36’s and a god awful sandy colour with cable rub effect as standard has to be my favourite bike, i had to sell it to make way for a more versatile trail bike – bought and sold a few before settling for the closest thing i’ve found to the sx trail in trail bike guise and thats my custom Pitch.
    If i could justify a big bike in addition to my current bikes it would definately be an Sx Trail albeit with a better paint job.

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    Probably my current Tinbred

    Had an original inbred and always lusted after the Ti version. Now I have one it has not disappointed

    Fave FS probably my old Yeti 575 but the current Mongoose just seems to get better and better with every ride

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    my current most used bike is the best bike for me right now, don’t miss any of the hundreds of bikes I’ve previously owned other than the 3 that were stolen around 11 years ago

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    My boardman team ht

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    Orange 224 DD, double and bash with Marz’ 66’s at the front.

    A ‘Big’ bike, which was totally impractical for most things, but I rode that thing as a trail bike for 2 years before getting wanderlust for a Patriot. The Patriot, though more suitable for the UK, but never really made me smile as much.

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    my patriot 66. i shortened the shock length to slacken it out even more and it was unstoppable, you simply couldnt knock it off line. ive never ridden a bike as fast or tackled anything bigger than i did on that bike, not even on my dh bike.

    then it cracked.

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    I had a gold Kona Explosif from the mid nineties that I loved. I tricked it out with Cook Bros, Syncros, and Bullseye equipment. Great memories probably add to the emotional attachment I now have for it.

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    12 years old and will never sell it. I’ve ridden faster bikes but this is still my favourite. Was at wharncliff on it day before yesterday.

    (now has Jnr Ts, not HI5s.)

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    love the marin

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    Mine was my Trek Y22. A long time ago that…

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