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  • Premier Icon wwaswas

    one looking east from Truleigh Hill on a sunny day.

    just seems to sum it all up for me.


    Think mine was the Mint Sauce one, where his gelf (Oonagh Herdwick?) got pregnant, because she haddunt used a saddle cover. They had loads of little lambs, and sold them to a pet food factory or something, to buy shiny new bike bits!

    I think. T’was a long ime ago…

    Premier Icon speaker2animals

    That was a good un rude boy!

    Was a bit narked when WMB stopped the monthly full page cartoon each month.

    Did something happen between em – though he still does Mint. Jo also used to right a small panel each month and I got the impression that he got upset when they mis quoted him about his thoughts on 29ers. Shame as I always like to read Jo’s thoughts even if I don’t always agree with em. Up there with Ferrentino and Maynard Hershon IMHO.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    the editor changed and I think she thought ‘new broom’ or didn;t understand outback or something.

    Jo seemed as surprised as anyone…


    details are foggy but I have a vague recollection of one where bolts kept sneaking away under the fridge

    this is my current desktop wallpaper

    Its from the ’94 calander – I change the desktop each month


    I’ve got a “Just one more hill” poster in my garage, think it was the 20th anniversary of MBUK. Quite like it. Reminds me of my last few months on the Quantocks: knew I would probably never ride there again 🙁 so my last few rides were very long as I tried to do “just one more hill”.


    Then there’s the “summer” one with the Girl on the hill. Thought of that one over the last few days when I noticed I could hear the birds singing in the morning, it’s on it’s way….


    This one always brings a tear to the eye..

    retro: I’ve got the fridge strip poster framed on my kitchen wall.
    (Minty drops a pingf*ckkit which bounces off over a hill, through a wood, down a bit of ‘shore etc and under said fridge.)

    Mint Sauce is the only reason I ever buy mubbuck…

    Premier Icon jj55

    Hurry up back! I’m missing you!!

    Premier Icon sockpuppet

    mint sauce: the trail forecast issued by the met office…

    Premier Icon nickc

    North Shore, where the NS rider just ends up going nowhere.

    Sums it all up perfectly

    jj55, that’s close….

    I adore this one..

    But, oddly enough, my favourite piece of Jo’s work was a very small sticker, part of one of the MBUK sticker sets. It sat on the back of my helmet, with no other stickers or adornments anywhere.

    It simply said;


    Just summed it up for me.

    Premier Icon sockpuppet

    there was also the one with mint sauce checking out trails in the woods, with the grim reaper peering over his shoulder…


    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Two that spring to mind are Mint Sauce rides a road bike and Mint Sauce rides a bike below £500 and has an alergic reaction.

    Is it just me or did anyone else think Summer was a babe?


    Too many to pick one really, although the four that Jo drew for me at various bike shows are especially treasured. The ‘fridge magnet’ poster is on my wall at work and never fails to bring a smile. Wish MBUK would do more poster versions of Mint, perhaps four a year…
    Oh, and Jo, if you read this, I love this months strip. Pure genius, and the totoro’s on the fence are a lovely touch. Well done, sir, I salute you!

    To further this debate……

    An online Mint collection

    My favorite is the one at the start of the downhill which becomes a Henry the Eighth speech.

    I got this one from Jo years ago – it hangs on my study wall and is also my mouse-mat.

    This is why – August 94


    The fridge one for me as well

    Premier Icon Schweiz

    Haunting…… The Eternal Reek of Damp Wool. I loved this 13 years ago and I love it now.


    I have a signed copy of ‘Full-Suspensioners’ with the granny using her Zimmer Frame with shox and forks built-in while hurtling down some steps – genius!!


    My RUSS Ride for a flight Tee Shirt, closely followed by the Mint sauce strip where he rides with his dad… sniff


    we must be marmalising the ‘thisiswhy’ blokes bandwidth. Sorry mate 🙂

    I hope it doesn’t cost him too much!


    Summer reading Carrie Fisher, as above.

    “Then… Now… Later…”

    How time passes (very deep sigh) – where’s my Bula hat?


    I can’t remember it well enough to find, but there’s one incredibly sad one about Summer where she doesn’t make a single appearance, not even in the final frame.

    I also really like the Edward Hopper Nighthawks and the “There’s an art… to mountain biking” Damien Hurst pastiches.

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    I recall one from yonks ago – where I think Mint’s mending a flat, and hears a “click / clack / click / clack” sound from behind him. He daydreams that it’s some hot chick in heels, but it’s actually one of his bovine / ovine mates in roadie cleats walking towards him – saying something about “fancy a roadie bash”, IIRC.

    I’d love to see it again if it’s kicking around on t’internet – I did laugh a lot at the time, and still chuckle to myself whenever I’m wandering around in my roadie disco pumps.

    More recent (and juvenile) ones, include “I’ve never seen a gash foam that much” which is enough to put me off going tubeless for good! 🙂


    What was Jo Burt’s opinion of 29er’s?

    Just curious like.


    I like the one where he shoots the air shock in the sharks mouth and it explodes killing the shark meaning that all the people can return to the beach and sod off out of the woods/countryside.


    Well I’ve got an A1 “this is why” poster hanging in the bathroom (was in an old MBUK). just the gang thrashing singletrack in the trees.

    There’s 2 prints hanging in the hall – a summery chilling out on the ‘Downs one and a seasons one.

    There’s one of the 10th Mountain Mayhem prints hanging the other side of the hall.

    And then there’s this…

    My 30th birthday pressie from my missus. I can still stand there gazing at it for ages 5 years on. Very, very, special to me.


    has to be this one for me…


    My god, does no one remember ‘the stench of damp wool’ one? Loved that.

    Also as a side note, i have a tenuous claim to fame of inspiring a Mint Sauce cartoon. (in WMB) where the woman has a ‘deore’gasm. Thanks to a thread on here about my missus old mate’s spunky teddy.

    Premier Icon bonzodog

    That one in the outcast where they sll say at the end ‘ great ride lads’& ‘see ya next week’ then they all ride off in different directions thinking ‘****’


    thanks folks, thank you all very much, i guess i best keep going then

    (tries to find space for Spunky Teddy in strip on desk right now)


    Thank you, Jo, for something that I, for one, find truly inspiring. I never tire of looking at my ‘fridge magnet’ poster. Pleeeeese try to get MBUK to do more like that.

    Premier Icon mikey-simmo

    Mint cartoons were the visual soundtrack, if there is such a thing to my biking childhood. Loved them to bits and if ever there was a book, I’d buy it they take me right back to those days. Thanks Jo, huge thanks.

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