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  • Premier Icon Northwind

    Right, fed up playing with my Sids. They’re 2012-ish RCT3s, and they’ve been sat around for a long time unused. Very sticky, rebound damper seems low on adjustment (I’ve got it right at max rebound and it’s not slow even with my low pressure).

    Just removed the all-travel spacer but it’s settling at 110mm instead of 120mm- it’ll pull up to full length but it’s not doing it naturally. 120psi in positive, a little less in the negative.

    (when reinflating the fork from empty, it extends fully to 120mm, then adding positive it sinks down just fractionally when the negative spring gets close to the pos… But once the fork’s cycled it won’t return to the top)

    I’ve given it a basic refresh, cleaned and lubed seals, new lowers bath, serviced air spring. Haven’t been inside the damper yet, probably need to but I’m unconvinced it’s the cause of the stickiness and the weirdness of travel.

    Oh- and there’s some staining on the fork legs where the bushings used to sit, but I’ve got similiar on my revs and it doesn’t usually matter.

    Je accuse les bushings- what do we reckon? There’s no slop at all but the stickiness is similiar to when my Boxxers had iffy bushings.


    Hmm, negative air seal possibly in conjunction with bushes, no a huge amount of oil in the lower so bushes do get hammered/ contaminated easily. Maybe a slight bend in lowers or bushes misaligned a touch. Various ‘possibles’

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Cheers! Don’t think it’s losing/exchanging air between the springs… Apart from the rebound thing, it’s probably all chalkable up to bushing disease, so probably time to get the chequebook out…

    So, mr loco, fancy fixing some sids 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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