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  • What is today's best bodge?
  • glupton1976

    Mine included using a Jetboil, and a 6mm socket bolt to turn X4 jockey wheels into X9 jockey wheels. Saved myself a good few quid.


    well, not today, but this was my most recent bodge.

    havent really tested it yet cause i broke my back.

    Premier Icon spacehopper

    not today but last week during the basquemtb with greatrock week…

    crazy sideways landing to powerslide…. rode it out and it felt awesome…!!

    then this happened..

    put the tyre and tube back on… pumped back up… and it exploded out of a large rip on the other side of the tyre i hadnt seen..

    cue much bodging from the group…

    got me home via some super steep tech stuff… and then an interesting ride down a mountain road…! =)


    I thought you were off for a couple of weeks sleeping in hedges George?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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