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  • What is the last thing you made? (pics pls)
  • fasthaggis

    Good job,looks solid.


    Ta. It weighs a fair bit – about 60kg I think, before the back bits were put on.

    Sounds like a chapel door when you tap it, if you know what I mean…

    Always get a little rush of anticipation when this thread reappears back near the top of the forum.

    Balance bike is awesome, door looks great. Awesome work from everyone that creates something from scratch


    Ha!! Balance rig is very trick!! #luckydaughter ;))


    Just finished this as a Christening gift for a friend…

    Premier Icon justinbieber

    Carved my company logo out of ice for our Christmas card:

    You can see how we did it here: http://www.vincentandbell.com

    Starting Point, Target, Result

    Still a bit to do though. Need to get it painted properly, currently it is little more than coloured primer. Also need to sort out the interior.

    New Target and Current Starting point

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Cake to send to ace Pops (he likes fruit cake) and he’s been particularly helpful lately..

    Vital Stats: 7k calories, 5.5lbs, 1/2 bottle of Remy Martin ๐Ÿ˜€


    A friend of mine just made this for my father in law.

    It is really amazing how talented some people are…


    A Brompton-compatible rear triangle:

    135mm OLN, disc-ready, in stainless steel – suitable for Rohloff, Alfine etc…

    Delicious bacon macaroni cheese.

    Premier Icon seadog101

    Cheese and bacon can never fail…


    More Christmas presents


    play fort waiting for more dry weather to paint more


    A shonky ramp:

    It’s for an 8 year old absolute beginner (& a 42 year old beginner), i think i need to make another matching twin ramp that can either be placed behind as a landing ramp or beside to create a wide carving ramp.

    It’s for a pressie, i think i may make the second ramp in kit form for assembly by my son & I.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Doesn’t look shonky at all! Like the idea of the kit form one. Both my boys like helping out on projects where possible.


    Good work qwerty, does it convert to a stretcher for when said 42 year old beginner gets it wrong on landing?


    markenduro – no, I’ll just have dirt kicked over me and become the beginnings of a gap jump!


    OrmanCheep, that Uke is beautiful, a really lovely job. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Finally finished the box for the wee bronze of the stag beetle. I made the box from measurements the artist gave me so thank Jah it fit!

    I’ve had to sink two bolts into the underside to hold the delicate bronze firmly inside when transported.

    Turned out nice… ๐Ÿ™‚

    ..and here is Mr Clunes swinging the above beetle about…


    Schweet. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Letter opener for the wife,
    Bike related as well!


    I rather like that disc knife. Any ideas about how ‘good’ the steel is in discs? I have loads of worn out rotors lying around that I could perhaps re-purpose…


    A three flusher

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Procuttio by Mike Smith 79, on Flickr
    Just cracked the Procuttio for Christmas, the Spanish Ham tasters were very approving

    Premier Icon kayak23

    I cut up some old Radio Times and made custom wrapping for my friends and family’s Christmas presents. Maybe I’ve got too much time on my hands at the moment…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Here’s the Bake Off one…

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    adding on Christmas Dinner

    Course 1 by Mike Smith 79, on Flickr

    2 by Mike Smith 79, on Flickr

    3 by Mike Smith 79, on Flickr

    The halumi course by Mike Smith 79, on Flickr

    The main course by Mike Smith 79, on Flickr

    Ready to come out by Mike Smith 79, on Flickr

    Fish head dealt with roll on course 7 by Mike Smith 79, on Flickr

    Desert by Mike Smith 79, on Flickr

    Premier Icon Stoner

    top work on that prosciutto mike. looks ace.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    All – I want 800 posts by the end of the year. Go!


    Not on a par with all the serious woodworkers – but I’m happy with what I could knock together from odds and sods of wood in the shed and only a fret saw and a pin hammer.

    A stable for the tasteful nativity stuff the wife bought. Please excuse the grey kids prrof stuff.


    Latest (2nd ever) guitar

    Solid cherry body, with maple neck and Wenge fretboard.

    I don’t know if the pics will pick up the metalflake flames on the body, but they really shine in the right light.

    A bit heavy but hopefully great for learning on.

    Would like to do another archtop next, maybe a maple body if I can a nice enough piece. Need to source more timber before I can make anymore.



    Tiled the new guest bathroom, just need to find sometime to get the grouting done.


    Back end of a tandem trike:

    And the front end:

    Now working on the bit in the middle:



    tadpole trike?

    I really love the look of your shop, you always make the most interesting things.


    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Yes, two wheels at the front using conventional forks, Rohloff at the back.


    Turned Somafunk’s bike from this:

    Into this:

    Bottle bosses and cable guides to bung on next week ๐Ÿ˜‰


    I made this earlier in the year for baby29er’s 1st birthday, climbing wall’s a bit premature I know but he’ll grow into it. Ball pool and sand put under the floor and a little fold down seat. It did me well the other day too when I went out for a ride and forgot my key and it was peeing down. sheltered in there until my wife got home, thankfully not too long. oh and ignore the patchy grass behind, bit of work in progress there and the leaves have since been rake’d up and I know the hedges need a bit of work.

    This ones not mine but my Brothers, don’t think I’ve posted any complete ones of it before. It started out as a rusty clubman estate and he’s done everything himself. body work, paint role cage, custom subframe electrics the lot! it’s off the road at the moment waiting for the new LS Diff to arrive. Massive torque steer even with an Integra Type R one. oh and the hole in the front is for the turbo which might hopefully go on next year after and engine rebuild with forged internals. It’s drives amazingly nicely but as you might imagine it’s a bit of a handful when you boot it, the diff should help with that plus a few suspension tweaks he’s just finishing at the moment. All done at home in his garage\workshop. Not every ones cup of tea I know but impressive none the less
    so from this

    to this



    I’ve never felt quite so inadequate


    Me too ! I’d normally balls up a flat pack cupboard

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