what is the best bike you ever owned and why? pics please if possible!

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  • what is the best bike you ever owned and why? pics please if possible!
  • mamadirt

    Chopper was sold soon after the restoration Manwells – fun while it lasted but hey, you gotta move on πŸ˜‰ . YGM with a couple of links.


    1999? Giant 890 ATF hardtail with Rockshox Indy forks.

    2004 Kona Coiler, just a total blast to ride, coincided with a change in riding style/aims from XC whippet to all-round play riding. Just sold the frame (against advice from other ex-Coiler owners) as I have 2 new bikes that do a similar job. Hope I dont come to regret it.

    In Morocco last spring (in 38lb alpine build, the guides just loved hoisting it on top of a 4×4 every morning… πŸ˜€ )


    this (GF hi-fi deluxe 2008)

    beats this (Frame build CD prophet 09)

    (as it is now) by a long way.

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon

    kona coilers just rock πŸ™‚

    But my DMR switchback is just epically (spell check says its a word so I'm happy) good, rode it for the first time in 6 months on Saturday, pointed straight down some zig zagged sphincter clenching steps and lived to tell the tale πŸ™‚

    EDIT: now with high roller semi slick rear and high roller front, both 235 SPC, front kevlar, rear steel.


    1996 Kona Cinder Cone, think it was the last year they were Cro-Mo frames, was so so sweet on singletrack.

    I always fancied a De Kerf, but never had the cash for one.


    Leart how to be rad on one of these

    the bike is long gone but the rad is still there [some sort of emoticon]

    Premier Icon didmatt

    the thing that started it all,


    thanks for the link mamadirt.


    best bike that i still ride alot…11 year old 6" travel super v with modern-ish spec, somewhere between a prophet and a heckler…

    most fun? surly pugsley easy… goes where other bikes dont…


    its between these two for now, kind of wish I had kept the enduro, but then I wouldn't have the alpine. I WANT THEM BOTH!!!!


    mama – have you sold your new model Tazer? I like those.

    As for me, my old Trek 970 from about 1990 was great because it's what started me off with mountain bikes (I'd been a BMX kid until then) and had loads of fun at Uni in Newcastle on it – races with mates, weekends away and lots of riding out to Chopwell woods.


    2009 Genesis Altitude 20, I enjoy riding it.

    Premier Icon binners

    1986 – My old Wilson BMX. Reynolds 501. Landing Gear. Pro Class rims.
    My dad bought me the frame, then i worked my ass off (paper round, Saturday jobs)to buy the best parts i could afford to build it up. Taught me a love of riding, and quite a bit about life.

    Went all over the North racing it. Happy days indeed πŸ™‚


    Munqe-chick, what sort of riding is there in Morocco? Think that's where we're going on our "family holiday" and apparently there are guided mtb rides nearby. Likely to be any good or a bit tame since they're just guided tours rather than "proper" mtb holiday stuff (afaik)?


    One of these two. Very capable – unlike the doughnut that rides them.


    Diamondback Viper, would sell my mother to have it back.


    For me its now an easy question – my Ventana

    It was the bike that stopped me being a serial bikeswapper – the first one i kept for longer than 12 months without getting bored of it.

    Unbelievably I've had it for 3 years now and it still has the ability to amaze me and make up for my complete lack of natural talent.

    why? because it was my first singlespeed and now makes for commuting smiles πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon binners

    I wonder if Hora will ever find some bike that is worth keeping for more then a week. Here's hoping eh? πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon 0range5

    Best bike I've owned is the current one – a 2008 Orange Five. Was the basic S, with upgrades, this seemed better value than spending out on a higher model. Upgrades were:
    TALAS RLC 100-140mm which had the TALAS upgraded under warantee to an 09 unit
    Hope headset
    Hope Pro2 Hubs

    Since then I've switched an old faithful XTR rear mech from a previous bike & replaced the external bearing crankset for some Middleburns.

    Seems to me that as well as the versatility, they're tougher than most similar bikes.

    Premier Icon gecko76

    This one, built up over a year on a tight budget, noname frame from LBS where I grew up a present from the then wife, XT hubs from a bike shop in China, carbon bars from another in France, RC31s paid for with student loan, other bits as cash became available.

    It got nicked four years ago and while the one that replaced it might technically be better…

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    That El Ciclon looks as nice as ever Justa


    Cheers chucky – rides even better but then you know that πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Take your pick.

    Enduro, Heckler & Alpine all great fun but having fond memories of the Switchback right now.

    Premier Icon Kona TC

    Back in the day I had a roadie frame with a Raleigh chopper wheels front and back, it was 3 speed fitted with flat bars and I used to ride it in Garwen Forest better known as 9foot.com

    I have since owned several bikes but somehow, maybe because the summers were longer, the grass was greener…


    I can't choose.

    There's my first proper bike – a 2003 Rockhopper that I kitted out with Hope Minis and sold to a mate who still has it. I get all nostalgic whenever I see it.

    My 2004 Enduro, which I've covered thousands of happy miles on. I still have it, but it's in need of forks, wheels and cranks and lives in the garage.

    My 2008 Rock Springs, massively entertaining and a very confidence inspiring. Compared to the Enduro it climbs like it's made of lead, is too short in the top tube for all day riding but is guaranteed to put a smile on my face. Since buying it last year I've only used the Enduro twice.

    Premier Icon Tomahawk

    This baby… coz it is unridden yet and the excitement is killing me!


    when I was 12 i had so much innocent fun on my cheap falcon bmx, just riding about town with my mates and messing about, trying to do all the stuff we saw in the mags. It was just meeting up after school, and pissing about on bikes and getting into scrapes and adventures.

    I had bikes before that, and bikes after, it was the Falcon that mattered. Probably an age thing! It was a piece of shit!

    Top Dog

    10 YO

    Still going strong

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