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  • hexhamstu

    You (Canada) let the australians have as many International Experience Canada visas as they want until they reach 30, you only Brits to have 2.


    It may be a bit of fear playing into this argument. I like Canada and have seriously considered emigrating there. The people are very nice, the countryside is stunning, property is cheap. But… I am scared that one day it will become part of the USA and I am not sure I want that.

    Australia? Miles from anywhere and full of deadly things that will kill you if you forget to check before you sit on the toilet.

    Also, the Aussies are easier to wind up. With the exception of the Quebecois (they speak like ducks quacking…) Canadians are too polite and nice.


    I’d be keen to visit both countries but neither is top of the wish list and Canada is ahead of Oz by a whisker.

    I think the only external difference in terms of my perception is that the Australians are more verbose on the world stage. Canadians seem a little more reserved. Thats no bad thing.


    Like a shared sports tradition (rugby and cricket, for example, as opposed to ice hockey and lacrosse), or something else.

    Some of the oldest Lacrosse teams in the world are in the UK,we share Lacrosse alright.

    And the properly male version too, none of the girly non-contact nonsense πŸ˜‰


    I once asked two students with lacrosse sticks if they were going rock pooling, they didn’t laugh . πŸ™‚

    Canada = Rush
    Australia = Kylie

    1-0 to the Canucks, eh.

    Canada = Mike Pyke* Legend.
    Australia = Wendell Sailor

    I make that aboot 2-0 now.

    Canada = Whistler
    Australia = Thredbo

    This is getting embarrassing now…


    *Yes, I know he’s gone down south and is mincing around in skimpy shorts these days, but that try, and celebration thereof, gives him legendary status.

    Premier Icon swavis

    Also Canada =

    Banff, Sunshine Village + Norquay, Lake Louise, Kicking Horse, Fernie……

    Canada wins πŸ˜‰

    Premier Icon zippykona

    New Years Eve in The Sando.
    Australia wins.

    Then again….

    Canada = Celine Dion
    Australia = Midnight Oil

    Canada = Montreal
    Australia = Melbourne

    Canada = Molson
    Australia = Little Creatures Pale



    But of course, this seems to happen quite often. People talk about Australia (and to a lesser extent New Zealand) in terms of sports, and holidays all the time. Heck, even events in Austrialian politics get reported here. But Canada? Very little.

    Why on earth do you want to be famous in sports? Sports are just hobbies that should not be made into some mega importance events.

    Come to think of it, in coverage of one of the recent world university rankings, in which Canada had three universities in the top 50, an article mentioned the position of UK, US, and Australian universities.

    Those in UK, US and Aust are over hyped. Don’t believe a word of that rather believe in what you do with your life. I chose all my Universities based on the city and views … Not University ranking. They are all nonsense as far as i am concerned. University ranking is merely media spin … lot of shite they are.

    There are numerous examples, from entertainment to politics to sport, I can think of that exemplify what feels like a neglect (or just plain ignorance) of Canada, and I am wondering why people think this is.

    Having celebrities are not something to be proud of as they are bunch of people that are prostitute to fame. Politicians are like criminals with legal authority that constantly need your feeding.

    Or am I just imagining it?

    I would rather you maintain the imagination then trying to make it known to the world.

    Put it this way Canada has something very special that “no one” in the world should know. You have the good life. Peace of mind. So why bother exchanging them for headaches like others? The higher profile you have the more attentions you get and the more troubles will follow. The more people know about Canada the more the country will be “raped”. Good quality quiet life is all you want. Why attract such lousy attentions for?

    AusLand = Soon to be part of Asia.
    NZ = Obscure part of the world where you go for retirement or to show your superiority to the natives.
    USA = I love guns and ammo but soon to be US of Mexico.
    UK = We like to sell everything, the world revolves around us and nobody will catch up to us in a million years.



    Because ever since WW2 Britain is the bloke in the middle

    In order: Canadian – Brit – Australian

    We like to look down on the Australians – they’re all convicts, its a bloody big desert and they drink piss awful beer!

    We don’t like considering what the Canadians have got – manly men, loads of countryside so its not overcrowded, great mountain bike trails, fooking big salmon to eat, bears (everyone loves bears) a polite society (those who aren’t french) and snow (the only thing better than bears, is snow, and you’ve even got special snow bears, that makes us really jealous!)

    And, best of all, you (ok, technically it was us, but in reality it was you) burned down the white house! do you have any idea how inferior that makes us feel, as we know that the upstarts have successfully got one over on us, but have left you alone!

    In fact, we know the only two drawbacks you have are french people and bloody awful cheese

    so, we don’t like talking about you, because we feel inferior, whereas we can talk about everyone else, because we know we’re better than them!

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    CaptainFlashheart – Member
    Tim Tam, anyone?

    Painfully difficult to source in England since Tesco stopped stocking them. πŸ˜₯


    The good thing about UK is the high population concentration that enable you to sell your stuff to everyone quickly.

    The good thing about Canada is that you may not see Zombies that often unless you are in the city.


    We don’t like considering what the Canadians have got – manly men,


    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    teetosugars wrote:

    CaptainFlashheart – Member
    Tim Tam, anyone?

    Painfully difficult to source in England since Tesco stopped stocking them.
    They come out at about Β£9/packet posted if anyone is interested. PP Gift of course.

    Living down in Oz I’d visit canada, it’s just the massive expanses of nothing that put me off, and they are too polite.

    Throw in their like of stupid games and and joining in with the americans and I’m out. Thats even before we get to the French bit.

    They do have some redeeming features though
    makes duck houses in your moat seem OK really


    Canada literally has a oil corporation for a government. Canadian goverment scientists aren’t allowed to publish research until the government has reviewed/edited them. The Canadian tarsands are the largest energy (environmental disaster) project in the world. Canada was the only G8 country to not sign Kyoto. Vancouver will have a Chinese population majority by 2016.

    Canada is simply a resource store for the US and China. Probably not what people in the UK think?

    However, best trails in the world πŸ™‚


    Australia has super-tough chocolate that doesn’t melt. No joke. I grilled a KitKat chunky. Nothing.

    What has Canada brought to the table eh? EH?

    That’s what I’m talkin aboot. (Yeah, ABOOT!)

    Premier Icon NZCol

    NZ = Obscure part of the world where you go for retirement or to show your superiority to the natives.

    Ha ha that was a good one.

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    If I could’ve moved to Canada as easily as I did Australia, (just buy a one way ticket), I might have.


    it’ll sort it self out in a generation or so …we live in Aus’ and my 11year old daughter asked me the other day who the President of Canada was – I told her to go and study Belgium politics and then ask me

    Having been to Canada last year I’d move there in a heartbeat if I could. Honestly never felt more at ease in another country.


    OP has it the wrong way around. It’s not that the UK is particularly interested in Australia, it’s the other way around: Australia has traditionally been very attentive to what happens in the UK (politically, legally and culturally) , whereas Canada has a much more interesting, rich and varied neighbour to the south in which to be interested. However all that will fade as Australia and the UK alike look to their neighbours more.

    Canada shares exactly the same legal system as the UK,

    No, it doesn’t. Canada has a federal system with a written constitution and both common and civil law jurisdictions. The UK is an asymmetrically devolved system with common law jurisdictions and an oddball neither common nor civil law jurisdiction (Scotland), and European law too.


    whereas Canada has a much more interesting, rich and varied neighbour to the south in which to be interested.

    You are aware that the state directly to the south of Canada is the USA, aren’t you?


    You don’t appear to know much about Australia, so its higher news profile is a blessing for you.


    That suggestion is only a joke anyway. They’re not really going to let the shackle-draggers run the police over here.


    I much prefer Canada because they have less zombies but then the bears might eat you alive and the cold winter might freeze your balls off.


    Lived in both Canada and Oz. Both great.

    Edric 64

    Canada is cold and no one wants to spend winters somewhere worse than here .Australia is warm and much further from the inlaws you emigrate to get away from

    Premier Icon curtisthecat

    Canada= Amerikka without the guns
    Australia = Amerikka with different accents


    Canada= Amerikka without the massive paranoia.

    Which is why I like it.

    Premier Icon ratherbeintobago

    Have been to Canada & NZ and enormously enjoyed both trips; people very welcoming, though Canadian beer better and the less said about Canadian wine, the better.

    No desire whatsoever to go to a semi-arid desert (ie. Australia) full of Australians (never forget that Murdoch is an Aussie), if it’s all the same.


    Australia is too bloody hot. Canada is ace.


    a semi-arid desert (ie. Australia)

    Semi-arid desert is a contradiction in terms. Australia isn’t all desert: Darwin is tropical, Sydney is temperate, Hobart is maritime.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    No desire whatsoever to go to a semi-arid desert (ie. Australia) full of Australians (never forget that Murdoch is an Aussie), if it’s all the same.

    I was trying to think of a Canadian who causes offence and couldn’t. Thats right they are all bland πŸ˜‰

    We have also had a lot of rain this last few months, it’s certainly not even semi arid here



    curtisthecat – Member

    Canada= Amerikka without the guns

    Not so.

    Very similar level of gun ownership, if anything Canadians own more
    proportionately. However, they seem to be significantly less likely
    to shoot each other. There are obvious exceptions for Lower BC mainland
    drug dealers and member of outlaw motorcycle gangs.


    because you sound like Americans, and who can be doing with that?

    also, 90% of American backpackers pretend to be from Canadia, further ruining it for you.

    Get your own accent, and we’ll see.


    Are you just grumpy because we have more exciting weather than you:


    😯 😯 😯

    We think my friend’s sister has lost her home in this one πŸ™

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