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  • EarlofBarnet

    I seem to be buying bikes that I had ‘back in the day’. Finished building up a 1997 Cindercone a couple of months ago. Then picked up a 2002 Stumpy last week. Riding the Cindercone around the Lakes has been good fun, although wrists might disagree. Haha.



    Few new bikes got it

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    They’re shit?

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    Is it old bikes in general though, or /your/ old bikes – that you feel part of because you’ve been riding them for ages?

    FWIW both my MTBs are pre-2000 – one I’ve had from new, one was bought S/H. Quite different in character but can’t imagine getting rid of either (probably worth next to nothing anyway..)


    My very first ‘grown-up’ bike was one of these:

    A BSA Star Rider. Had cow-horn ‘bars on it and 650B Avon cyclocross tyres, (27″x13/8″), and rode the thing all over the place, in the woods, along dirt tracks. Then I got all grown up and sold it.
    Not so long ago, I did a search for those old bikes, and saw this one:

    Wish I’d never sold it, now. 🙁


    Choice of 3 bikes this afternoon but decided to dig out my old DAWES Republic with a view to giving it a once over, sorting out any niggles and sell as a cheapo commuter.
    A few miles down the towpath and absolutely loved the ride – faultless 8 speed SRAM, proper hybrid gearing (28-38-48) so not spinning away madly, good freerolling wheels, silent freehub, adequate V brakes …

    Bit like one last pop on an ex-girlfriend I suppose …. 🙄

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