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  • what is in quorn….
  • PJM1974

    Everybody I know gets the farts after eating it… πŸ˜₯

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    End message.



    I fully accept that I am lazy, and that I abuse my kids, but disrespecting sausages is fighting talk…

    After a long day at work that really cracked me up. πŸ™‚


    Quorn is a poor substitute for meat, next time demand these


    Veggie kids?
    Tantamount to child abuse, and your laziness is
    no excuse for poor parenting.

    Shit! got 12 and 9yr old veggie kids – call Esther!

    They have one of the healthiest diets amongst all of their peers, rarely ill and can choose to eat meat whenever they want – they just choose not to. Live & let live


    Quorn is evil stuff, that makes me vomit so violently that i 5*it myself.

    You eat Quorn, vomit and breakout into bad 80s dancing…?

    Evil stuff indeed…

    so I’m not sure why you have singled out aP.

    Well, he was the first to want to insult people who choose to eat it. So I’d suggest you follow crikey’s advice and not worry yourself about it.


    Shit! got 12 and 9yr old veggie kids – call Esther!

    lightweight I am definitely abusive as i have vegan ones ..oh the shame

    i like it when meat eaters tell me I have imposed my diet on them as if they have not imposed meat on theirs.
    I once got lectred by a Muslim mate who sends his kids to an islamic school and to the mosque after school to learn the Koran that i was imposing my views on them 😯
    I am it is what parents do- teach their kids right and wrong though we may disagree on what these are
    IIRC quorn can not be given to kids till they are at least 2 years old.


    what is in Quorn..?


    Quorn is ok, not great obviously but quorn mince and sausages aren’t too bad. Don’t it eat it regularly (I eat meat, GF doesn’t) but every now and then it’s ok.

    Obviously not good enough for STW though – as well as riding hundreds of miles a day on a rigid singlespeed through super gnarly terrain, the average STWer still finds the time to be a Michelin-star restaurant level chef at home.


    I only have the language/interpersonal skills of Ramsay in the kitchen and not the cooking skills

    deadlydarcy – Member

    So I’d suggest you follow crikey’s advice and not worry yourself about it.

    Well I’ve been trying not to worry ever since crikey first suggested it, but now that you’ve also suggested it I’m going to make double the effort. I can’t pretend that it’s going to be easy though. But thanks for the tip.

    There is nothing wrong, or even unpleasant, about eating nutritious animal offal. It’s just our shrink-wrap sensibilities that make us turn up our noses. You wont catch me eating face, lung and testes au-natural. But minced and mixed in faggots and sausages they are fine.

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    we eat it occasionally (not veggies)

    sausages are ok and the mince is alright

    prefer it to tofu anyday!

    it does sound like the OPs daughter has an allergic reaction to it


    lips and assoles

    or mushroom poo.

    meat is best.


    My veggie child decided to be one when he was 4, after a visit to a farm. No one else in the family is vegetarian. We went along with it because we thought it was his right to be supported in that kind of choice.

    He’s been through a kind of more militant phase where he challenged us about our diets, but gave that up when he realised how lazy we are…. πŸ™‚

    Never mind this fungus smokescreen put out by ICI. Everyone knows that somewhere in Runcorn there is a ‘Quorn Queen’ which can excrete Quorn from a special gland on her abdomen. So it may not actually be Vegan-friendly.

    How did they manage to name it after that posh village in Leicestershire? I can’t imagine what a rank hovis/ici marketing boardroom discussion would have sounded like, or what other names they didn’t choose for it. πŸ˜†

    I recall our health visitor telling us that Quorn is not recommended for children under 3 as it is too “empty” to be worth them eating, tat is to say that the gut of a 2 year old will expend more energy extracing energy and protein from it than they will actually absorb/retain. So I suppose that is why it is very popular with the normal-eaters in my sister in law’s Slimming World group

    iirc linda mcCartney sausages used to have some err, “exciting” trans-fats in them, such that they would have been banned by the FDA in the States, but they are a bit different and slightly less bad for you in more recent years.

    (btw 3 vggies and one normal eater in our household, and I find no quorn-related bowel eruptions, if anything gives me wind it is late shifts at work (whatever I eat), muesli, lentils and chickpeas/falafel. But hey, farting’s great!)


    it may not actually be Vegan-friendly

    it has egg in it so it is not anyway


    US only that ernie [according to google] – though news to me

    Dear Maggie

    Thank you for your recent contact regarding Quorn products.

    The USA vegan burger has recently been launched in the USA, it is currently our only vegan product. It is produced using a new method, with different ingredients to our other burgers (potato protein is used, rather than albumen) which means that it can be classed as β€˜vegan’.

    We are continually developing new products, depending on the success of the USA vegan burger and the demand for similar products within the UK we may introduce such products over here although we do not have a specific launch date at this time. We are continually looking to meet the needs/demands of our consumers.

    Thank you once again for your enquiry and please do not hesitate to contact us again if you require any further information or advice.

    Assuring you of our best attention at all times.

    Yours sincerely
    Consumer Care Advisor


    I think Quorn is excellent, it’s the best of the meat substitute products available.
    I’ve been vegetarian for about 25 years and its introduction along with that of other meat free burgers etc have made being vegetarian far easier.

    I don’t have a problem with the production process, it’s not some kind of frankenfood, not GM and not overly full of salt and sugar like many processed foods are. High in protein low in fat it’s a good foodstuff whether you’re vegetarian or not.

    1 in 146,000 apparently have a proper allergic reaction to it (from a quick google) less than many other popular foodstuffs.

    US only that ernie

    Fair enough. I find the cereal crop disease/ blight indigestible, so I’m unlikely to eat it whatever they bind it with.

    yeah johnnie, that vegan quorn thing is US only for now, but one of my friends hassled them lots earlier this year and they did finally relent and say that it was going to be launched over here within due course.

    doubt i’ll bother though, there’s plenty of vegan meat subs already available without the slightly bizarre provenance that quorn has…

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    Quorniwouldsuggest I not the best meat substitute…..and what does that mean to us veggies?

    Protein wise lot of things better and more. Viable than meat.

    Quorn evil..



    TBH i very rarely eat eat meat substitute [ couple of times a year] so whatever they do it wont have much impact on my life

    there’s a 14 page discussion on Quorn on VeganFitness. One word keeps cropping up again and again.

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    I bet it’s “the”

    it is, isn’t it ?

    “Athelete’s foot with good PR”

    The turkey and stuffing slices make my piss smell like Christmas dinner. What’s not to like?

    Graham, that veganfitness thread is well funny! In between the frequent outbursts of possibly-tounge-in-cheek militant veganism, there are some genuinely funny and genuinely well-informed posts, including the phd one about exactly how they “grow” it.

    Also some of the profile/avatar photos on it are aaaaawesome. πŸ˜€

    If I join and lurk as a closet ‘only’ vegetarian, will they find out and send “Bronco” (page 4, a few posts above MTQG’s) round to deal with me?

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