What instruments do you play?

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  • What instruments do you play?
  • plumber

    Good – Guitar

    OK – Bass, Synths

    any midi/fx/mixerboards stuff – I just seem to click with this stuff whilst most just don’t get it, being able to play is one thing, being able to make that sound amazing is quite another.

    I’m a brass player, started when I was about 7 and been at it every since. Done some good stuff with it, plenty of brass band national championships including one win, been on radio 2, played various concert halls but the best must be The Royal Albert Hall during proms season; that place is pretty special. Playing euphonium now after starting on cornet.

    I’m also passable on the guitar and am teaching myself piano at the moment. As mentioned above, having a regular routine is key to getting better, even if it’s just 20 minutes two or three times a week.


    Guitar and drums mainly. Mandolin, harmonica and didjeridu as well. None of them amazingly, but all vaguely competently.


    Sorry thread hijack slightly since theres so many drummers! any recommendations for the cheapest electric kit that have those mesh skins not the rubber blocks? I havent played in years but remember those rubber kits felt crap


    Guitar, a bit. I started (self taught, thank you Mudhoney) when I was about 16 and it’s taken me the last 20-odd years to achieve the dizzy heights of mediocrity. I can just about read guitar tab and translate that into something potentially resembling a recognisable tune. I’m never going to be brilliant at it but I enjoy making a racket every now and again.

    OH has a drum kit as well. Cue drummer jokes…

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    If I could embed Soundcloud links, I’d give you all a treat of me playing bass in 1980something 🙂

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    guitar, badly.

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