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  • What injury/s are you currently 'carrying'?
  • My cojohones seem to have shrunk. Is that classed as an injury?

    And no cartilages in my right knee for 30 years and a bad back for a bit longer

    Plus acute age syndrome


    Lethargy and too much stomach
    I think the two may be related 🙁


    Finally getting rid of cough following virus over New Year, itching to get out running/on the bike. Cue pulled muscle in my back…the spasms are temporarily crippling – putting on my coat was an amusing event in the office. In the grumpy club.

    Premier Icon surroundedbyhills

    Just back from physiotherapist, major work on right butt cheek, properly let out a few whimpers…spent Xmas moving around like an old man now feeling more mobile. 🙂


    Same, 1 month till the post op scan for me!

    My scan should be in a few weeks 😐


    theres something a bit amiss with my right knee but two physios couldnt really find anything wrong and one had the cheek to say “cant find anything but make repeat appointments as it would be useful for my research” at £50 per session, i bet it would be useful…..

    anyway, doesnt really affect me on the bike or running, just throbs a bit if my posture is bad at work, i work in a typical office, sat down at a desk so have “posture” and “go for a walk” written on post its to remind me…

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    Nightmarish back. Haven’t ridden for pleasure or commute since third week in December. Getting fatter by the second. Seriously.

    But going to the physio tomorrow, so feeling slightly optimistic.


    Terminally ripped through my forties. Finally end next Monday 🙁

    Separated shoulder from last May now seems a permanent issue.


    Got my foreskin mashed in the fly of my jeans the other day, killer doing it but worse having to unzip to free myself.

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Undiagnosed issues with both ankles and outside of right foot. GP has gone through tendonitis, stress fracture, ‘soft tissue injury’, gout, osteoarthritis, and has finally (after 3 or 4 ‘attacks’ in the last 18 months that leave me unable to do more than hobble slowly and very painfully for a couple of weeks) referred me to a physiology/podiatrist. Personally, I suspect peroneus or plantar fascia problems.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    I have a frozen left shoulder but afetr a few months of the bike i an ride again but even more of a mincer than I was before as its hard to push down on the bars

    But I have an ongoing achilles tendon ankle problem. All very strange. It was fine last summer when i got a bit fitter. Now it rubbish. its normaly arch pain usually controlled by stretching but for the first time in ages the tendon is bit sore

    It means i can only really ever ride in walking boots. hopefully it will settle down soon but as above i do wonder if the dreaded plantar fascia

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Carrying an elbow “issue”. If I try and pick something up with my right hand, fingers pointing to the floor, by gripping and lifting I get a pain in my right elbow and my grip doesn’t feel “confident”. Suppose I should go to the doctors. Been carrying it quite a while now.

    Premier Icon iainc

    Interesting reading this thread as I often chat with my overweight sedentary neighbour about how he as dog walker at best has no pain niggles and I as moderately fit cyclist is always carrying some minor grumble (both mid 40’s)….seems like fit folk hurt more

    Premier Icon rockhopperbike

    plecostomus – Member
    ^^ ah yes but you had a op so you get +1 in my eyes. I’m so lucky I didn’t have to have one! This brace is a nightmare to sleep in but it’s doing its job, could have been alot worse.

    are your vertebrae cracked or proper broken, I smashed one and now look like this

    <img src=”http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8051/8398767011_61a00463db_z.jpg&#8221; width=”417″ height=”640″ alt=”rods”>" alt="" title="" class="bbcode-image" />

    <img src=”http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8051/8398767011_61a00463db_z.jpg&#8221; width=”417″ height=”640″ alt=”rods”>


    I broke my mojo about 18months ago. If anyone knows of a fix for a broken mojo, please let me know


    broken little toe, and my left ankle is knackered can’t even do tip-toes on it needs physio I think, not stopping me riding though, it is stopping me skating as vigorously as I’d like and I can’t really climb either 🙁

    Premier Icon rockhopperbike

    piccy from above

    rods by chris.gledhill, on Flickr


    Broken vertebrae for 20+yrs, hip bone separated from femur at the same time so right foot turns 20 degrees out, ruined wrists waiting for exploratory op as can’t extend arms without extreme pain and another op for throat issues…

    Premier Icon iainc

    Problem knees and feet, however popped my back getting camera out of camelbak this morning and been in spasm since 10am. Diclofenac and whisky helping a bit now.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Displaced some ribs in July last year, physio did some work to pop them back but when it was nearly there, it felt like one popped out.

    Carried that “injury” until the New Year and went back yo sort it t first opportunity since September as I was so busy working.

    He sorted it but in the meantime felt like he cracked a rib around the front and the tissue around the sternum? is well sore.

    On pain killers and anti inflamatories since 2nd Jan until about a week ago.

    Slowly recovering. All seems like it will be ok in about three weeks.

    All because I hit the deck after a fly (thought it was a wasp) flew into my full face lid in Les Arcs and buzzed around my ear until I ripped my lid off.


    Did something nasty last summer and now lower back can’t take much strain and left leg doesn’t quite work properly. Back on the bike but have to take it easy until my leg warms up, and I can’t assume I can just thrutch up any hill I fancy on the single speed. I’ve just started Pilates to see if that helps, so I must finally be getting old.

    I thought it was bad but lots of much worse on here 😯

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Double fracture of the left fibula. I broke it in a 60mph SMIDSY in 1993, and they only bothered to pin and plate the Tib. Apparently you can live without a fibula, so they never bothered putting it back together. I only fall over occasionally.

    I’m shorter than I was due to a couple of crushed vertebrae.

    FAI in my right hip, so spending most of my life off my tits on codeine right now. Doesn’t really stop me riding, but I pay for it the next day. Got an appointment with a “Young Hip Consultant” next month.

    Wonder just how hip he really is, man.


    oh yes, I dislocated my left ankle & broke the fibula in May ’06 while out on a ride near Ladybower.

    Fixed pretty quickly thanks to the Peak District Mountain Rescue team, Tameside General Hospital and Bradford Royal Infirmary who did the aftercare; and also to my riding buddies Steve, Boris & Tim who somehow managed to get my bike back to my car, which was collected later by Mrs_D & the next door neighbour.

    Left leg is about 5-10% wider than right leg now though.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Getting some gip from haemetoma following bike accident 15 months ago. Going to tell GP this week that I want it drained as it’s affecting my gait.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    The usual random cuts and grazes… Hip’s been giving me more bother than its usual- broke it, mmm, 8 years ago I think, good repair but the soft tissue mess never stopped giving me gyp and when I work it hard it lets me know. But you kind of get used to it, my GP asked “how long has it been hurting” and I said 8 years 😆

    Premier Icon rickon

    About six or seven years ago I was doing bicep curls of 50kg, and something twanged in my back – I couldn’t move for the rest of the day.

    Forgot about it til last year when I woke up and couldn’t move my neck, was incredibly painful for about a week and stayed stiff for about 4 weeks. Eventually went away.

    Came back on Xmas day, same thing again – it was getting better, then yesterday I dabbed near a tree, and my foot slipped on the snow, I fell about 1 inch sideways onto my shoulder on the tree – and TWANG! – did my back in again.

    Neck stiff, back sore, tingly arm and fingers. I think it’s time for a doctor’s visit 🙁

    I hope she’s hot.

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