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  • What injury have you had the longest?
  • Premier Icon howsyourdad1
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    3 hour drive home from the bike park today, at the end of the journey my right hamstring was super tight and was ‘burning’ a little.

    I’m 39 now, I tore that hamstring when I was 10 at jnr school.  29 years of discomfort. Mr Whitiker if you are reading this I was not faking it during that football match .


    Premier Icon dave661350
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    Knackered a disc in my lower back in summer 1990. Osteopath has been a godsend…back specialist utterly useless. Ibuprofen helps.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu
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    Broke my arm when I was 12.
    Put in a cast without any surgery and the bone healed at a funny angle.
    Can’t straighten my arm and have quite a limited ROM.
    53 now and it still hurts.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv
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    well, I suppose if you count my knees that have been deteriorating since about 1990. I used to run a lot, also playing football with twisting and turning, and after another physio session she suggested i take up cycling to replace fitness running at least.

    Laughably, she called it ‘low impact’. Little was she to know how many things I’d impact in 30 years of road and MTBing!! Ground, trees, cars, other cyclists,……

    Premier Icon dyna-ti
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    Right Achilles tendon is weak, probably damaged. Been with me now for some 15 years and I dont think it’s fixable. Walking is limited to 10 yards before the pain kicks in. If i stop for a time it seems to stretch and recover a bit so continuing on isnt initially as sore, but that returns within 10 minutes and i start to hobble/limp.

    Oddly enough it seems unaffected by cycling and I can easily do considerably longer without any pain at all.

    I think it was prone to damage from an accident at school some 35 or so years back when i landed on it and tore it near the heel bone. That took over a year to heal, but was never fully right.

    Funny how these early injuries can reappear many decades later.

    Actually thinking time wise now i was in 2nd year, so that would be 40 years ago.

    And a huge thanks to Stu for reminding me of my age 😆

    Premier Icon AdamT
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    I’ve had quite a bad attitude for 30+ years, does that count? 🤣

    Premier Icon reluctantjumper
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    My right shoulder has never fully recovered from when I blew the ball out of the socket over a decade ago going OTB. I dislocated it and stretched all the tendons right up to the point of snapping but not enough to snap. The rotator cuff is completely knackered but not enough to operate on! It basically means that the muscles that hold the shoulder joint in get weak, like thy have over the lockdowns, then it pops in and out on it’s own accord. I have to keep on top of strength exercises with it, which is normally easy with visiting the gym twice a week, doing a physical job and riding lots but since last year it’s been hard with losing my job and the gyms closing. The local riding wasn’t helping as it’s pretty tame compared to a trail centre or bike park so it’s gradually got worse over the last 10 months or so. On the way back to getting it strong again though so it’s not a major issue right now.

    Premier Icon Caher
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    Right knee = 10 years. Need a new knee.

    Premier Icon beej
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    I had a 31mm diameter hole in my heart for my first 49 years. Does that count?

    Premier Icon mattbee
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    The broken scaphoid I suffered in 2001 still shows itself in damp and cold conditions via a dull ache and restricted mobility of the joint.

    Premier Icon funkmasterp
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    My left knee occasionally stops working. Just sort of gives way and I almost fall over. Normally happens when there are lots of people around too. Been that way for years and I just never saw anyone about it. I’m blaming it on skateboarding as it seems like the most likely reason.

    Premier Icon jimmy748
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    Broke T5,6,7 & 8, my pelvis and collar bone in 2011, Spent 13 weeks in a hospital bed, then another 12 at home in bed, the backs ok, but both shoulders have never been good since and my upper body is very inflexible. I wouldn’t necessarily call it still injured, just something you live with.

    Premier Icon nickjb
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    Broke my wrist in the mid 90s. Got misdiagnosed as a sprain or similar over a few years. Eventually got surgery on it early 2000s but it’s still buggered. Hurts on and off. Has effected my riding a bit. 1x has helped. I believe it will develop into arthritis as a bonus

    Premier Icon hairyscary
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    A damaged knee from a 50/50 ball playing football for my Squadron, the other guy went in studs first.
    I had to wear a split for 6 weeks and it has lead to minor hip problems as well as knee problems.
    I only really have any problems when I lose muscle mass in my quads.
    I was 30 at the time, so 20 years of niggles.

    Premier Icon lunge
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    I run a lot so have an ongoing selection of mainly calf and knee issues that never really go away. Currently the calf is the issue, but a knee will step in once that’s fixed I don’t doubt.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    My pride

    Premier Icon BoardinBob
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    A permanently sore left wrist.

    Sparring at boxing about 15 years ago. We both threw punches at the same time and caught each others thumbs and it snapped my wrist back. Absolute agony if I bend my wrist 90 degrees. Press ups are awful. No amount of rest seems to sort it. Only thing that does help is CBD oil

    Premier Icon TiRed
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    Long covid. That and the mental injury from early trauma. My oldest bike scar is still my most impressive 44 years later.

    Premier Icon scaredypants
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    Dislocated my jaw playing footy when somebody headed my chin – still often makes a massive loud & painful click when I yawn or have to open wide at the dentists etc. Nearly 40 years for that one. Knees & ankles also knackered mostly from footy and now can’t do a decently long walk without lots of pain the next day (probably been like that for 15 yr now)

    Premier Icon oldmanmtb2
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    52 years…split the side of my foot open on whitley Bay Beach (age 5) cut the tendons/ligamemts? Still walk a bit odd and it aches as i write this.

    Premier Icon johnnymarone
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    Not sure if this counts, but a doctor once asked me ,whilst visiting on a totally unrelated issue,
    ” were you by any chance a difficult birth, forceps or cord around the neck? ”
    Yes. I was almost 10lb , and my mother struggled apparently.

    He said he could tell by the tendons in my neck or the angle my head sits, and he was 100% correct. So since just before birth.

    Premier Icon WorldClassAccident
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    Slightly bodged circumcision. I have been told frequently I am a bit of a dick. Perhaps they threw away the wrong end?

    Premier Icon iancity1
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    Fell off the bike when I was 6, going up a hill in Carlisle but not strong enough so ended up going back down…car at the bottom so threw myself off…got a scar and I actually remember the nurse saying that will last for life…and 48 years late it has !

    Premier Icon n0b0dy0ftheg0at
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    It only tends to relapse these days when I catch any man-flu lurgy doing the rounds, but I’ve had a wrecked lower back for almost 13 years to the day, thankfully it’s behaved much better in the last ~4.5 years.

    More than anything else these days, it’s the consequences of my bike crash in December 2013, especially the four teeth that I lost and the denture I wear to replace them. Some days the denture drives me mad, sometimes not wearing the denture feels awful, sometimes my reconstructed upper jaw feels uncomfortable either way.

    Premier Icon cromolyolly
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    It only tends to relapse these days when I catch any man-flu lurgy doing the rounds, but I’ve had a wrecked lower back f

    I get that too. Weirdest thing ever. Damaged my back at 6 or 7. Been doing exercises for years, which work well enough that it hardly ever bothers me. I can tell when I’m getting a cold or the flu because it aches for about 3 days before the symptoms show up

    Premier Icon Rubber_Buccaneer
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    Heart broken 37 years ago and never really recovered.  Why Louise, why? 😢

    Premier Icon seosamh77
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    Broke my collar bone playing 5’s when I was about 21, about 3 months till I full on felt 100% again.

    Premier Icon thelawman
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    One remaining chicken pox scar from 1966 or so, but that probably doesn’t count as an injury, to be fair. Rather like @iancity1 above, I have a scar on my right arm from 72 or so (SturmeyArcher 3 speed gear slipped, went OTB.) The main one though is a dodgy ankle from coming off the top pitch of Embankment2 at Millstone Edge in 1989, which didn’t break but blew up the size of a melon with colours to match; that just gives me a low level constant ache. And is still noticeably bigger than the left ankle even now, 32 years later.

    Premier Icon Drac
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    Fractured my skull when I was 4 still suffering long term head injury problems. Yes, it explains a lot.

    Premier Icon reeksy
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    First bike injury was my ankle – dangled in the spokes of my mum’s bike while I was sitting on the luggage rack (I think we were on the way back from taking my sister to school so i was under 4). I guess my parents didn’t consider me worth a childseat. Ankle didn’t break but was badly sprained.

    First bike injury riding myself was in my first ever race, about 4 I think. I was beating all the older kids I swear! Down the pavement, “jumped” off the kerb and into the road forgetting that I had no idea how to do that. Solid tyres weren’t very forgiving, OTB into the middle of the road and took most of my top lip off. Mum was furious with me (the cheek!)

    The lip grew back, but my ankles were constantly problematic and i have quite restricted movement and spurs in both, after regular twists in football and rugby over the years.

    Premier Icon footflaps
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    My left knee occasionally stops working. Just sort of gives way and I almost fall over.

    Snapped ACL? Lots of people can manage without it, but the knee is never quite as stable as with one.

    Premier Icon ajantom
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    Dislocated left shoulder at 22 – so 24 years ago. Still gives me problems now, it’ll randomly lock up.
    I hit a tree with it, and was out riding with a medical student friend who popped it back in for me 😆 probably should have gone to A&E, but I just took ibuprofen for a few days and got on with shit!

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon
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    Burn on my right shoulder when I was 2, so 32 years ago.

    Pretty sure it’s in the muscle as I can’t lift heavy weights overhead on that side.

    Premier Icon fasthaggis
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    Dislocated ankle (30yrs)
    It has never ambushed me while cycling, even running sections at CX or mtb races, possibly as I was always super careful/aware of foot placement.
    However, playing squash or 5’a’side were the worst and even wonky paving slabs still catch me out.🙃

    Premier Icon andy5390
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    Got a bit of a groin strain while carrying a 3’x2′ paving slab and tripping up, 32 years ago. Still feel it occasionally

    Premier Icon citizenlee
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    52 years…split the side of my foot open on Whitley Bay Beach (age 5) cut the tendons/ligaments? Still walk a bit odd and it aches as I write this.

    Try typing with your fingers instead?

    …sorry, couldn’t resist. I’ll see myself out.

    Premier Icon mudfish
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    T boned by a Transit riding my Lambretta in 1971 (my fault). Still feeling the effects of the sideways whiplash.

    Premier Icon chewkw
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    Lower back pain that is almost 30 years old.

    Premier Icon patobrien
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    A permanently sore left wrist.

    Sparring at boxing about 15 years ago. We both threw punches at the same time and caught each others thumbs and it snapped my wrist back. Absolute agony if I bend my wrist 90 degrees. Press ups are awful. No amount of rest seems to sort it. only thing that does help is CBD oil

    What kind of CBD oil do you use?

    Premier Icon oldmanmtb2
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    Citizenlee… your probably right..

    Actually Consultant thinks my small vessel heart problem is down to my Mother smoking 40 a day while pregnant with me so technically 58 years and nine months…

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