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  • andyl

    Camelbak mule will easily get all that in and then some and has a 3L bladder (you could sell that unused to someone).

    so you could even go with a slightly smaller one.

    Just looked and mule is 11l + 3l bladder


    I’ve recently got an Osprey Viper. I’m very very happy with it. I carry similar kit to you BTW. 3l bladder too.

    rob jackson

    Got a bladder so thats not really an issue. Need to carry:

    CO2 pump
    Multi tool
    Few spares and Puncture kit
    Spare tube
    Car keys
    Coat (and spare gloves in winter if its dead wet)
    Couple or three cereal bars

    space for a 2l bladder
    15L capacity

    Premier Icon tinman66

    I got a Camelbak Charge LR a few months back, love it and haven’t used my Mule since.

    On my average rides with the Mule I just ended up carrying loads of stuff I didn’t need. The Charge carries everything I need but is lighter, easier to use and less noticeable when I’m riding. has a 2L bladder that runs horizontally across the lumbar.

    Kept the Mule for longer all day trips though.


    Your list of stuff looks like 5L Rob?

    15L is pretty big.

    Premier Icon Bregante

    After using a Dakine (nomad) and camelbak (mule) recently I’ve bought the osprey Raptor 10 and am well pleased with it. Well made, light and far comfier than I’m used to.

    Osprey Zealot all the way.


    +1 Osprey Zealot. bought one recently and its excellent

    Had a viper before that, and it was also a great pack

    Premier Icon ratadog

    Tried the Ospreys and found them uncomfortable. Went EVOC 16L and have not regretted it.

    Premier Icon JoeG

    I have used Camelbaks for years, most recently a MULE then the original MULE NV. NV is starting to wear a bit after 4 years of use. I’ll probably replace it within the next year, and want to see an Osprey Zealot 10 and Dakine Amp and Drafter. No local retailers carry Dakine bike packs though, and no one has a Zealot 10 either.

    The new Camelbak Antidote bladder is a huge improvement, the 1/4 turn lid fixes the biggest problem with the old bladders.


    Evoc cc16 is brilliant, very comfy even when full and the organised front pocket is really useful. You’d probably be alright with their 10L pack though.


    Osprey Viper user here too, superbly designed pack with well thought out features , feels very comfortable with the ergonomics of its fit. The bladder is very good also, maybe a bit over designed but good. I do still use Camelbaks also (blowfish for big loads and a classic for fluids only) but the Osprey is my most used.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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