What "hundred quid" digital camera?

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  • What "hundred quid" digital camera?
  • aphex_2k

    Are Panny Lumix’s still reputable?

    Wifey wants one.

    Bump. As I need a camera for 100 ish, new or used


    Lumix is good.
    Ideally save up to get a Lumix TZ100, about £550 new. Well worth it

    If your budget is 100 quid, then ebay is the only way to get something decent. You might be able to pick up a Canon 500d for that now, a solid DSLR

    Bump. As I need a camera for 100 ish, new or used

    Compact or bridge? If it’s a bridge I may have something for £125. (ok, £100 seeing as it’s you) (A Sony DSCH400)

    We have six cameras in the house (2 of us) plus 2 phones with cameras, no idea why I keep buying cameras.

    Email in profile for more info, before I stick it on the classifieds or Gumtree. 😐


    i was looking recently and decided i might try for one of these – looks pretty good can be had for £100 on ebay, as you can see:


    but IANAphotographer so others may be able to advise other options…

    Will mail you mate cheers

    Not all Lumix are equal. TZ range offers a lineage of compact zooms that in my experience and according to reviews are pretty good for half-decent snaps.

    AFAICS a used TZ55 could be a good bet for that money. I’ve had a few TZs (3,4,10) and they have all been good for what they are. Had smaller Lumix FS something or other and it was disappointing.

    What “hundred quid” digital camera?

    get a Lumix TZ100, about £550 new. Well worth it

    Classic STW….

    Forgot to say – If I had a hundred quid and wanted a decent digital zoom camera with a great lens and features I’d either grab a used Olympus XZ-1 or save another fifty and get the Olympus XZ-2 or a Pentax MX-1. Well, not literally, as I did have a £150, and I did buy a used MX-1! Would again. Seriously, check out the XZ-1

    Serious/noob question but the latest Huawei phones have Leica technology in them giving (supposedly) good results. Are they as good as £100 cameras?

    ^ Camera phones don’t typically have much if any manual control over aperture, ISO, speed, etc etc. So that’s a no-no. They also don’t typically have optical zoom capability. Neither a particularly fast lens.

    I’m sure the newer camera phones that you mention have some special algorithms and a larger sensor than previous models (?), yet a good camera is about much more than that. As for ‘£100 cameras’ – in the used market? Yes you could probably get much better images and more creative control with a £100 (used) digital camera if you choose well.


    From 100 to 550 in just a few posts.

    Should give more details, just a compact. I’ve got a Lumix bridge that I’ve had for years but the missus wants a wee point shoot with decent battery. We had a ricoh waterproof thing which was great but we… She…. Left it in a tech mall in Singapore while we were looking at cameras, ironically.


    Serious/noob question but the latest Huawei phones have Leica technology in them giving (supposedly) good results. Are they as good as £100 cameras?

    Well ironically, most of Leica’s advantage, where it exists, is the result of their lenses rather than ‘technology’ (not that lenses aren’t also technological but the principles governing high performance were established at least 100 years ago).

    So whatever Leica have donated to Huawei probably doesn’t confer much technological advantage. There might be some in benefit from the electronics side of things but I don’t think Leica has an advantage in this area, if anything they probably lag behind a little.

    The biggest benefit is in the name. The Huawei might be a great camera phone but that won’t have much if anything to do with Leica.

    I can’t recommend anything digital for £100; I just don’t know any cameras that cost so little.

    I would however suggest an old second hand film camera. You should be able to get an old SLR with lens for about £100. I know you’re never going to do that but it’s fun to suggest and I would wager the results look far nicer than the digital alternatives.

    OP! If it’s compact she’s after I forgot to mention the Fuji XF-1. It often flies under the radar so used bargains to be had.

    I tend to try and read unbiased reviews from various sources and found that Ming Thein fits the bill more often than not. His review here


    I paid £90 for a Fuji X-10 as a point-and-shoot for our daughters to knock around with. It’s put up with a fair amount of abuse and just keeps going. eBay pricing is all over the place though – I’ve seen them listed at anything from £75 to £300. Go figure…


    I paid £90 for a Fuji X-10

    That’s a steal! Fabulous choice.

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