What hotel in Amsterdam for city break?

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  • What hotel in Amsterdam for city break?
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    Grand hotel is very nice. Krasnapolsky is also a good hotel but personally I prefer the grand.

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    In need of inspiration for a hotel in Amsterdam. Been trawling through loads, good quality hotel for 3 night stay budget up to £700 would like to avoid chain hotels.


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    Just back from Park Hotel. Just round the corner from Van Gogh museum and we found it very comfy- the hotel not the museum 😀

    Me and mrs BBQ stayed in the park too nice hotel.

    I always stay at the Park, so I’m glad to see others recommending it too!


    I stayed at one of the NHs, was clean, furnished, quiet and dark. Couldn’t complain, I am a student though so I’m used to a hostel with a hay mattress and a bucket in the corner.


    Haha 700 for 3 nights m that overtime slips been good to you.

    My suggestion i couldnt find last night was the bastion on surinameplein. 20 minutes on the tram (which btw are ace and run late into the night)

    But its more in the 300quid for 3 night region , we used it for a couple of nights before our ferry last year.

    Nowt fancy but clean and helpful friendly staff , secure carpark which was a must for us, im sure with no car you will have better options.


    Seven Bridges is very good value and probably one of the best locations possible, I used it for visitors as I lived round the corner.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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