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  • What holidays do you have to look forward to?
  • grynch

    mrs G and I are going to Cornwall for a week , the first week of May, but it will probably be a working holiday… tending the gardens and mending whatever may have busted over the winter.

    Sounds like people have some awesome holidays planned!!!


    Just back from Egypt – yesterday

    South Wales – riding end of the month

    Les Gets – July

    Florida – August

    And maybe Malta Sept

    Plus as many weekends camping as we can fit in


    Due to Credit Crunch, I shall be holidaying in the UK this year..

    No, actually, I’m thinking about a RudeBoy’s Rude Tour of Britain. Just wander about with me bike, using trains and stuff to link places together. Stop off, have a day or two riding here and there. Stay with friends and that, spend a bit of time with people I don’t get to see that much.

    South Wales, North Wales, Yorkshire, Lakes, Northumberland, Edinbugger. Other places, as and when I can fit them in.

    I hope to be able to link up with STWers along the way, meet afew people, put faces to names.

    And really get a good look at what this little island is all about.

    Premier Icon steveh

    tinribz – it’s the length of vehicle that’s normally key rather than a rack. Try norfolk line, good prices and a lot less fussy than the others in my experience. They didn’t charge for my 4 bike wheel support aiston on the back of my van (which hit the length limit for the small vehicle on it’s own).

    RudeBoy’s Rude Tour of Britain.

    I’ll be doing Foemerly Fat Bloke On A Bike Does Britain.
    Assisted by 1000cc of Italian unreliability, I’ll be leaving the Land Of the Deep Fried Mars Bar and free range salmon next wee and heading for Lindisfarne, then over to Liverpool to cloch Antony Gormley’s men On the Beach, then on to Cornwall to see what the Eden Project’s all about. Then to Southampton where a bunch of work colleagues and I have hired a 37′ racing yacht for the weekend to take part in a regattta out of Cowes. After that weekend’s over, Wales to take a hurl on the steam train at Llangollen, then onward to Holyhead to take the ferry to Bublin where I hope to see the Book of kells and the recently discovered Caravaggio. Not sure what happens next, but I’ll be heading for belfast for a night out with my cousin who styays on the Ards peninsula. Saturday and a superfast ferry to Cairnryan, and a cruise up to Glasgow, possibly a couple of beers with sme mates from I stayed there, then home on Sunday.


    ..apparently, the men On the Beach are called Another Place

    ..and I’ll be on one of these

    and wearing one of these

    so should fairly recognisable – feel free to flash and wave.

    i’ve got a 9 week internship in tajikistan this summer… and thanks to flights i may have a little time to explore.
    flights are also via riga, so the girlfriend may meet me there on my return for a week or so. then hopefully a week or two at bike village.
    may also go to the alps for a week with mates who’ll be racing the cristalp grand raid in switzerland. i did it last year, however, its soon after i return from tajikistan, where i’ll have not had a bike. so i’m not racing due to the expected unfitness… i’ll take a bike though…

    plus the usual weekends away, if i can fit them in inbetween all my essays and exams 🙁


    well if anyone wants to come to China and wants a guide, let me know 😀


    2 weeks working in an orphanage in Kenya at the end of May, the mountains are likely to be on the horizon and not local enough to ride, not that I’ll have much time to ride anyway – but you never know!

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Eight days of riding in Scotland, Kielder and Lakes, starting at the weekend.


    Premier Icon redx


    Darran at Lavatrax is a good lad and should be able to sort you out with some good riding. Drop him an e-mail before hand to see what he’s got planned for the time you’re there.

    We were there for a week and I managed to get a couple of rides in with him…..

    Have a good one,


    Premier Icon stealfwayne

    Las Vegas in August, apparently it’ll be to hot to ride, but i doubt it, I note you said you had good weather in cardiff , i can confirm thias as was there all weekend, we found a superb singletrak descent from round Carphilly Mountain and the Black cock Pub, It leads to the M4 through some wood. quite fast, technical (for me anyway) and it produced a lot of smiles. Can’t wait to find it again


    Pryennes in 4 weeks cycling for a week,
    June 2 weeks in Picos de Europa

    Ooo where was the singletrack?did it go down the back of Caerphilly Mountain? used o be some awesome riding around there, always tend to go to the trail centres now .. at least until I move back there at some point!

    Premier Icon stealfwayne

    Hi Munqe Chick, it was through a wood that starts with a ‘M’ in its name. At the bottom of the wood on rooty, rocky singletrak , is a field, the other side is the M4 looking at cardiff in the distance. Thats all i can remember. Hope you find it. With the terrain around there you’ll have fun whatever!!!


    Going back to UK 😀
    One week in aviemore end of june and then again mid july to party plus the Big bike bash indeed


    end of May, off to Iceland, to bike around the island.

    1 weeks holiday some time in June/July with girlfriend

    Then after that, I’m driving over to my mates house in Brittany, couple of weeks there, then driving down to south France to see another mate.
    All of which will have my bike in the boot of the car 🙂


    will where is south of France 😉
    I might be off some help in terms of riding 😉


    Student with mortgage and 2 year old = air miles flight to melbourne for a long weekend to catch New Model Army in august. til then its head down and rack up the brownie points.


    juan – Member
    will where is south of France
    I might be off some help in terms of riding

    Cheers, if I’m honest I’m not sure of exact place i just know it is south, near the Pyrenees.


    oh the other south then 😉

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