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  • z1ppy

    What price range?
    Preferences as to a ‘proper’ manufacturer, or chinese sourced but UK supported or cheap as chip chinese?

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Exposure Joystick or Diablo would be my suggestion. Or the new Equinox or Axis if you’ve got deep pockets 🙂

    Weight’s not really noticable on your head – joystick + mount is about 100g, Diablo not a lot more.


    I am thinking of getting a helmet light and not sure which one, I don’t want one with a separate battery that you have to carry in your back pack although the trade of is I guess the lights with the battery in them are quite heavy, any advice please

    would like as bright as poss. as light as poss. and with a burn time of about 2 hrs


    Bumping a slightly related thread; I’m after a helmet mounted light for commuting & winter training road rides, so it needs to be bright enough to see with in country lanes, without blinding other car drivers in the city.

    Joystick & Axis (400 and 550 lumens respectively) look about right, but not sure if the top-end of the Joystick is bright enough to see by on unlit roads? And reviews or the Axis seem a little thin on the ground, so has anyone got or used one?
    Beam shot comparison on the USE website imply the Axis might have quite a lot of spread & therefore likely to blind oncoming drivers?

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    i’ve got a fenix E25.

    180 lumens, for a couple of hours, from 2 AA batteries, for about £30.

    bloody great – as a helmet light to compliment a bar-light.

    on it’s own it’s even ok for gently mincing along.


    Picked up an Ultrafire 502b torch off eBay for about a tenner, can get them cheaper. Picked up a mount for a couple of quid, designed to mount a torch on a rifle, works perfectly on a bike lid. Threw away the supplied battery and charger as I had my own UK sourced ones. Running on full power, which I’d guess is about 600 lumens by comparison to my “proper” (i.e. not Chinese) bar light, I typically replace the battery after 90mins as it has noticeably dimmed. So with three spares in my pocket, enough for over 6hrs. Not as light as a Joystick, about 180g in total, but a fraction of the price for a much better burn time.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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