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  • What heart rate monitor?
  • Tom B

    ….for my wife. She’s just joined the gym, and wants a simple functional hrm to use. Nothing fancy, just something that works. Naturally the cheaper the better.


    Tom B



    If you’ve got a decathlon near you try there. I picked one up for about £15 a few months ago. Does the job.


    Decathlon do a bluetooth hr strap – will link to a phone if you want


    I’ve got a mio alpha which I absolutely love. Of recommend without any hesitation. None of the faff involved with chest straps. Works with blue tooth and ant+ so it’s very flexible, as well as having a live display of BPM. The rechargeable battery has a good life too.

    Premier Icon mogrim

    Whatever you get make sure it uses coded transmission, otherwise in a gym you’ll be picking up all the other people’s sensors too. Bluetooth and Ant+ are always coded, cheaper models (for example the bottom end of Decathlon’s range) may not be.

    My recommendation would be a Polar FT1 – it’ll be coded, and almost certainly compatible with the cardio machines at the gym.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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