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  • Premier Icon Nobby

    Drove to Afan Friday pm for a weekend’s riding, had dinner & a few beers. Woke @ 4am with a hideous burnimg sensation in my eye & soon discovered a recurring bout of keratitis. Too dangereous to ride like that so drove home leaving mates to enjoy the clear blue skies & dusty trails πŸ™

    Yesterday, watched Jr play footie then wandered into the ‘farmers market’ next door where I found a man selling

    Took a few home & settled down to watch Paris-Roubaix. πŸ™‚


    Too dangereous to ride like that so drove home


    Sorry to hear about your aborted trip though.


    Saturday: I walked the dogs and got them filthy and tired, went into town, had a very nice coffee with my wife, did a bit of shopping, then came home and played Battlefield 3 for a bit. I am proud to say that I won, so that made me happy.

    Sunday: Another long dog walk with my wife, followed by several hours up at the allotments. We now have green manure planted in one bed, another bed dug over and resting, one more larger bed dug over with spuds planted, the soft fruit cage fixed (again) and the remaining raspberry canes and strawberry plants planted out. After all this fun, I went home and hit a freecycled bike trailer with a hammer until it was vaguely fixed, then constructed a universal joint out of some garden hose.

    All in all, quite a successful weekend.


    Saturday was all day drinking in Cardiff for my mates birthday, awesome day/night out! Sunday I spent mainly sleeping, eating a lot of crap and sitting in a car. Did a 10 mile road ride when I got home to make the most of the little dry spell we’ve had.


    Saturday was preparation for Sunday. Sunday I rode the Shakespeare 100 to raise money for MacMillan. 63 miles in under 4 hours with a proper climb of Saintbury coppice.
    Feel tired this morning, but glad I did it, now.


    Saturday stayed in bed until midday with my new GF 8) Then in the afternoon took my daughter to a play warehouse.

    Sunday was a nice long walk on the seafront with my daughter, girlfriend and her Basset Hound, ice creams , bouncy castles and sand pits were enjoyed, in the evening I cooked a very nice pasta dish which I was rather chuffed with.

    **** riding a bike. πŸ˜‰

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Had my mum over this week so was just doing tourist stuff with her until she got on a plane Sunday morning, then put a new shock on the bike and attempted to try my hand at tuning it, not 100% sure I am there yet……

    I didn’t die going down some steep steps and a few rock gardens so I may be near to getting it right!


    Quiet Saturday, but great Sunday: half-marathon in the morning (first time I’ve run a HM, time: 1:27:10 πŸ™‚ ), couple of beers afterwards with some other runners, home for steak + wine, then polished off the bottle in front of the Paris Roubaix. Short break doing not much at all, then MotoGP started.

    Premier Icon Nobby

    @ sharkbait:

    Sorry, sounds bad when I read it back like that – what I meant was, last time I had it I rode anyway & as soon as a bit of sweat ran into my eye it literally closed up & stang like **** for several hours.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Darkside: Spent Sunday morning tweaking my new Rose to get my position right then took it out for my first proper road ride.
    50 miles through Northumberland.

    Not much to some of you I know, but the furthest I’ve ever been on a bike in one day πŸ˜€

    Cold, but the sun did shine and there were lambs in the fields. I was the very first thing that a newborn lamb saw – it just plopped out as a cycled by. Quite amazing.

    The commute to work this morning was a struggle though!


    thursday – big sis turns up to ours for the weekend, wife tells me our 10 month old daughter is not feeling too well, i’ve picked up a new chain for the bike and got home to fit it before me and the boy go to karate, the dojo is jam packed with 15 new starters and is a pretty full on session for me and the boy, finish karate and the wife phones me to say she’s gone to my brothers house with my sis and to meet her there, 15 mile drive later we get there to find my little one has pooed herself and is being sick everywhere so we come home again..
    friday – we stay in for once, my nieces drop by to do my head in for a few hours
    saturday – take the newly built bike for a quick spin to test everything is working and realise the saddle is tilted too far back but the seat rail clamps wont rotate forward any more…find other seatpost and fit it, sweep the driveway of all the rubbish that has been blown in by the wind over the last few days, vacuum the car as it looks like a bomb site in the back, wife tells me its my turn to cook lunch, daughter asleep upstairs so i go to check on her…upon opening the bedroom door i am met by a almighty whiff that i would be proud of…she’s dumped her guts into the nappy in her sleep, but its leaked everywhere, wake her up and stick her in the bath and change the bedding (she has to do it on my side of the bed!!), give wife the bad news that we cant go to her parents house next week as we have our karate gradings, replace the sticking gear cable on the DH bike and give the bearings a service
    sunday – supposed to be at a family wedding but we dont go as little one is still unwell with more vomiting and diarrhea, take her to the out of hours doctor who says she might have caught norovirus but it should pass in a day or so, palm the boy off to my big sis so she takes him shopping, find out my nephews wife has suffered a miscarriage so the wife and sis go off to see her in hospital while i’m left with the kids
    monday – come into work to find a shed load of work on my desk, wife wants me to book friday off so we can go to the in-laws still…boss not too happy…

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    To the OP:

    -40m long hedge.
    -in addition to a lawn by the house we are lucky enough to have some paddocks a couple of which we use as extended lawns.
    -I have a tractor and 8′ finishing mower
    -hen house
    -trials bike
    -took out some brambles around the boundary
    -my boat
    -winter storage

    Should you not have staff to keep on top of mundane jobs around the estate πŸ˜‰


    Should you not have staff to keep on top of mundane jobs around the estate

    If I had any money then maybe πŸ˜‰


    I did a hard hilly ride on the road on Saturday and a gentle potter around in the Lea Valley Park (sort of) off road on Sunday, both were very enjoyable.

    I spent the rest of the time hanging out with the dogs, doing a bit of obedience training and socialising them (particularly Teddy) to other dogs.

    Because my back is bad I have to alternate upright things with laying down things so I like to watch tv while doing the laying down bit. I just bought myself a new sewing machine so have been designing new blinds/cushion covers too (a change, I don’t usually do “girly” things).

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    Saturday: Took Mrs O to Heathrow, got some funny looks in my bike gear, she’s away now for a couple of weeks so am really missing her; went straight out afterwards in the West Chilterns, had a brilliant 41 mile ride, but was knackered at the end.

    Sunday: Flew over the house in a small aircraft and got some nice pics, then a 32 mile ride round Wendover. Totally destroyed (where did my fitness go to?!), got back and spent the night with a minor fever. On the plus side I was able to help out a guy with a flat, no pump and otherwise a VERY long walk home.


    2 1/2 hour ride at Thetford
    Fitted new locks to garage door – non as easy as I though due to the door front not being flat!
    First ride out with the local road club – They are fast and I’m unfit, a painful combination
    Mowed lawn and did some weeding (the massive old persons flower borders have to go, I don’t have time for that shizzle.

    A great weekend of activity and productivity – it’s amazing what the sun and non easterly winds can do πŸ™‚

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