What have you bought that's a bit shit?

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  • What have you bought that's a bit shit?
  • padkinson

    An MRP 1X chainguide – came with the tiniest, furthest from stainless bolts that I’ve ever seen. And the whole thing was flexy enough to not function as a guide, the chain just went wherever the hell it wanted to.

    Schwalbe Racing Ralph/Rocket Ron tyres – I loved the grip, the low rolling resistance and the light weight, but the sidewalls were like paper, even on the snakeskin versions. I ripped 3 of the bastards over one race weekend.


    Apple Airport express – couldn’t set it up properly (and still can’t), although their apple tv works great
    Bioncon c.guide – shite. One fell apart on the south downs way, after coming loose
    specialized gloves – fell apart, but still comfortable
    cheap fenix torch light – waste of time and batteries lasted 20 minutes, went exposure in the end for 4 times the price

    Just about everything I’ve bought with an Endura label. Buy local they say.


    Hayes stroker brakes
    Formula the one brakes
    Maxxis tyres
    2014 Fox 34 fit forks. Kashima factory of the same year are awesome however.
    Hope enduro tech wheelset
    Rocket Ron tyres from the days before i ran tubeless. 5 pinch flats descending the rangers path. Didn’t matter how hard i pumped them up they’d be going flat within 2 mins of riding

    on one 456 summer season. hated it.

    All the 5-10’s I have ever owned. terrible.

    loads of things are rubbish.

    A pet challenge puzzle for my greedy cocker spaniel puppy, you know the sort move this slider and it exposes a treat, lift this little door etc etc.. As soon as he whiffed there was treats inside he ragged the whole game apart in about 10 seconds ate the treats and looked at me as if to say “whats for tea”
    Bike wise: my stumpy FSR carbon 29er. Its nice geometry rides ok, but compared with my zesty that came before it, the build quality and component quality is awful

    2 Chris King headsets – constantly worked loose, clicked and creaked, and started chewing a nice groove into my steerer tubes. Both had damage to the bearings from being ridden loose. Evolution Imports would not offer warranty support but kindly offered to sell me new ones despite both being less than 2 months old. Replaced with FSA Pig Pro at £30 each and no problems for 2 years until bearings went rough.

    Shimano XT disc hubs – the rear hub would not stay tight, no matter who tried to set the cones. Annoying, as I’d had 2 sets of wheels built with these hubs.

    Specialized All Condition Armadillo road tires. Yes, they were puncture “proof” as you’d spend more time in the hospital than riding, as they were super slippery death treads – watch out for wet roads, drain covers or cobbles.

    Specialized Tricross bike – rubbish on the road, rubbish off road. Most pointless bike I’ve ever owned. Sold on quickly.

    Tioga XXL DH saddle. Land slightly wrong and the rails either bent or snapped. Went through 5 as local shop selling them off at £5 each, before seeing error of my ways.

    Azonic DH saddle – with aluminium alloy rails (!!) = snap. Wades were kind enough to warranty 2 and then gave me a refund on the 3rd.

    Marzocchi Junior T fork – worked ok until you went over 20 mph and hit some bumps and then it turned rigid. Sold and replaced with Super T Pro which was a revelation to say the least.


    One industries shorts on sale from on one. Shit. Shit shit shit shit.
    The ****ing poppers are so weak you have to keep stopping to pull your shorts up. No belt loops. Pockets so small you can’t get your keys in.
    Total utter ****ing shit.
    Avoid one industries kit, it’s designed by brainless idiots.
    Royal glove. Literally fell off my hands in a matter of weeks. Got a refund from those top chaps at skyline. Never bought anything made by them since and never will.

    Premier Icon monkeysfeet

    Raceface aquanot jacket again… Cr*p zips, just cra* cra*.
    shimano dx pedals, bearings of cheese
    Anything from superstar.

    Non bike, worst car was a BMW 1 series, run flat tyres, bloody awful horrible ride. What were BMW thinking?

    B +Q own brand paint, absolute tosh, watery poor quality pish.


    None back chilli Rubber Queens….lethal things. They were so bad that they last two rides before bring chucked and I refuse to entertain any of their tyres.

    Hans damfs. I wanted to like them. I so wanted to like them. Everyone else liked them. They were the draggiest, slowest piece of dung I have ever used.

    I really like mine, but then I used to ride High Roller single ply DH tyres.

    Maxxis Minions. Awful things. Hate mine with a passion.

    Charge saddles. Crap, especially the Knife. I’ve been through a few on warranty due to the leather splitting in weird places and the bloody creaking. Sheesh.

    Hope headsets. My tapered one is hopeless. Crud gets past the seals all the time and it creaks like a mofo.

    Shimano chains. Rubbish.

    Norco hardtail….hateful thing that I didn’t keep for long.

    Any Manitou product with SPV damping. Why did they do it? The TPC system was pretty good.

    Marzocchi AM1 forks. Dire. They spent more tine getting fixed under warranty than they did on my bike.

    I’m sure there’s more too.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    oh, yeah, I do have a marzocchi 66slATA fork

    I didn’t really dislike it but plenty of folk did

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    This vvv 😆


    Oh god, URT suspension. Why?

    The Orange X1 a friend had was utter poo.


    Saint pedals

    Premier Icon FOG

    Giant Trance

    Premier Icon Kuco

    RaceFace jackets as mentioned utter shit zips.
    Orange P7 Think mine must have been welded by a blind monkey.
    Sram x9 rear mechs
    The original Michelin Wildgrippers.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    High Rollers:
    Many tyres can maintain edge grip without sacrificing grip at shallower angles.
    Very, very poor rear grip when climbing.

    Madison D’Arc glasses:
    Made me feel like I’m floating a foot over the bike.
    Constantly fell apart.

    EBC mitts – Velcro strap too short to close properly, lasted only months. Previous Spesh lasted years.

    Orange Clockwork:
    Delivered with different length crank arms, the wrong colour, the wrong bars and stem.
    Rode like a pig, hated it.
    The best thing about it was the SunTour Microdrive transmission.

    Hope chain guide. Didn’t work at all.


    FOG – Member
    Giant Trance

    Really? I adore mine. I’ve ridden a shitload of bikes in my time and my 2008 giant trance is such a sweet ride that I spent the money I was going to use to buy a Norco sight on a full rebuild of the giant.

    Premier Icon Nipper99

    Anything made by Hope


    Some of the stuff mentioned above I really like ( Nobby Nic tyres, hope and endura stuff).

    Worst thing so far has been a solarstorm x2. Very bright for 10 mins then the battery is flat.£12 though so what do I expect!

    Premier Icon FOG

    skinny boy,- it’s the 29er which has a very low BB which means every time you go round a bend or through a rut you ground the pedals. I moaned about this on a different post and was told it was my pedalling style! All I can say is I don’t ground anything riding the same trails on my HT which doesn’t have a particularly high BB. Very annoying because in a straight line it is great.

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    Some fake nutella I found in a Colruyt supermarket in france

    …was a bit shit? 🙂


    Ahhh i see Fog me old china. I’ve heard that too about the 29er version. I think all the 29er models had this flaw, a mate has the Anthem and that has a shockingly low BB. on the other side of that colin, I had a MC Fury and that was BB clearance heaven but made you feel like you were riding a grand national horse!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    dingabell – Member

    XT wheels with ‘fabulous’ cup and cone bearings.
    If they’re so great, how come no one else uses them?

    Cup and cone is more expensive to make than cartridge (essentially cartridge moves cost from the manufacturer to the customer), and most people are too incompetent or lazy to maintain them so disposability has become a selling point.


    Just noticed a few people mentioning XT disc hubs. I’ve just had a rear let go: the cones were forever coming loose, no matter what I did to try and keep them tight.

    The cassette-side came loose, the cone wound itself in and jammed the rear wheel going down Dai Hard at BPW. Needless to say, the bearings & cup/cone were ruined.

    Solarstorm front light. Battery wouldn’t recharge after first use.

    Smart Lunar rear lights. A few raindrops and they stop working.


    Aldi track pump.

    I wasn’t expecting big things but had only used a hand-pump before so figured it would be better than that at least. It wasn’t, and broke the second time I tried to inflate my tyre with it.

    I do think the cycle clothing from aldi is OK though.


    Stans yellow tape £7 a roll and free duck tape works better !


    SLX brakes.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Chiba gloves, lasted one month before there was a hole in the leather palm.
    Endurance clothing, stitching and trim problems with every single piece.
    Shimano winter boots (MW81) 2 pairs have had the neoprene cuff fail allowing wet and cold feet.

    Premier Icon cheers_drive

    Egg beaters

    numerous Fox & Poc Gloves.
    Endura singletrack shorts & humvee 3/4
    petrov vodka (tastes like the name suggests and gave a similar hangover)
    Charge Duster – some might like it, but I always preferred my slot drop 26 inbred and will swap it as soon as I can find someone to buy the darn Duster. :/
    lezyne ‘screw on to the value’ pump – removes the damn valve core every time I take the head off the valve POS!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    crotchrocket – Member

    lezyne ‘screw on to the value’ pump – removes the damn valve core every time I take the head off the valve POS!

    “Lezyne: Terrible ideas, beautifully executed”

    Premier Icon notmyrealname

    A fatbike 😯

    Although the Trek Fuel EX9 I bought in 2009 was far from a disappointment, the Jones XR front tyre was frankly terrifying. First ride was a bit wet and I was constantly stopping, checking stuff wasn’t loose and came back a bit gutted that my new bike was a bit shit and had absolutely no front grip!
    Then I saw a Jones Big Earl Wet in the shop, big and knobbly, exactly what I wanted and I feel in live with the bike. Really rated the XR rear, but the front…


    * Hans Dampf tyres.
    * An Aldi chain cleaning kit.
    * A Tesco spoke key.
    * Muc-Off chain lube.
    * Shimano wheels.
    * Muddy Fox clear bike glasses (couldn’t figure out why I was crashing into stuff until I realised the lenses shifted everything slightly up and to the left.)


    lezyne ‘screw on to the value’ pump – removes the damn valve core every time I take the head off the valve POS!

    Yes! This! ^^

    Most ANNOYING thing in the world.


    Fenwicks foaming chain degreaser is a pretty shite.

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