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  • What have you achieved today?
  • Rode the Borrowdale Bash. Ate lots of cake.


    Got all my weeks work done, 6 days off!

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    I passed my MAP test to get my CSCS card this afternoon.

    Anyone else who has done it will realise that isn’t really that big of an achievement!

    I found two broken safety critical systems and fixed one of them. I upset some production people in the office. I humped a 100kg cylinder around for a bit. I sweated a tide mark onto my polo shirt. I zip tied some “inspected” tags on stuff. A pretty good day

    brewed some beer.

    Got my first line of old skool parquet down ready to roll tomorrow. Then went to look at a job for someone what used to be quite famous.

    Played footy for the first time in weeks; scored one and set up one in a comfortable 4-2 victory. 🙂

    Shooduv had another right at the end, but lacking that match fitness and the old sharpness ain’t quite there. Team-mates squandered a few good chances and were guilty of holding onto the ball too long, rather than playing quick passing football, but then that’s not uncomon really bunch of glory merchants some of ’em; always looking for something they ain’t really quite got the talent for rather than playing to their actual strengths. And Andrew needs to watch his mouth always complaining but can’t shoot straight and thinks he’s a striker when really he’s a defender. 🙄 Woon’t mind if he played half the game he talks.

    Still, job done, enjoyed the game, had a good time.

    Which is all that matters really.

    Had a wisdom tooth removed. Bloody thing cracked in half, straight down the middle eating a seeded bread roll.

    So what I have achieved is to replace one cause of discomfort with another. What I gained is a chance of comfort in the more medium term. Work could go hang after that.

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    Washed my car and give it a good ole polish with some of that Autoglym stuff.

    Had a few beers with a mate who’s not in the best of places at the mo.

    … it’s the little things that matter.

    EDIT – cheers elf.

    That’s what your missus says deluded 🙂

    That’s not very nice, is it DD? Was that called for? Was it? Hmm?

    Premier Icon deluded

    DD … but perfectly formed and expertly wielded 😈


    Went shopping and made a big plate of scrambled egg on toast. Apart from riding and enjoying myself, I haven’t done anything useful for almost 2 months.

    It’s alright Effin, as we speak, deluded will be on to his mates in Trinity Road and I’ll be getting harassed for the next few months my plate keeps coming up on ANPR 🙂

    What colour shirts do your team wear then Effin?


    got through my first compulsory bag charge checkout shift with only one miffed off old shopper refusing to pay 5p for a flower bag. Harsh times.

    Told a communist he is a fantasist.


    Quit my job

    Yay! Good on you ian.

    (You do have somewhere to go don’t you?) 😯

    don simon

    I think after the iDave thread he’s the new Armani stunt double, no?
    Good on ya fella. Good luck in your new venture/adventure.

    Told a fantatsist he was a communist

    Did loads of dreadfully boring marking


    Three things I’m quite chirpy about today, they may seem small to the rest of you.

    1. I’ve been bitching for months about the ridiculously crap solution we’ve put in place at work for ipads. It’s so shonky. I hate it and I’d take the ipads off all the directors tomorrow if I could. So the Information director invites us all in a meeting today. Strategy architect was sat there looking smug thinking he’d won, director tells us to stop messing about, get a proper solution in, points at me and says ‘whatever he wants, make it happen. The door’s the wooden thing in the wall’. (Which was an awesome result as far as I was concerned)

    2. Proof of concept for a new strong authentication system started about 11am, finished and succesfully working at 4pm. Very happy with that.

    3. Got home, no curtains in the master bedroom. I’ve spent all myu time since putting up a new curtain rail with this massively complicated pulley system that only works if the gap in the rail is exactly 5.56543654mm the entire length. After much tolerance adjustment with a bastard file, it now runs the entire length like silk.

    So, yeah, mostly happy.


    Dd, just a small bike ride planned for the beginning of the year, nothingto hard.

    De – still a way to go, 3 months left till the ride. 30kg to shift. 3 more weeks of work to go. Then hard training and massive sales of pretty much everything I own. Should be an interesting 3 months followed by an even more interesting 5 months.


    Did work. bored. went to evening college as im doing the RYA Day Skipper course with the old man 😀

    absolutely nothing 😳


    me I went DIY store, food shopping, a quick spin around our local singletrack and managed to max my heart rate to 198 which is good for a 53 year old, dont worry my resting is 58 and it drops from 198 to a usual 170 in about 5mins of easier peddalling, then picked kids up from school, took 5 yr old climbing at the local gym, cooked dinner , took oldset son to football pratice,washed some towels, regreased the fs headset which was a little creaky, painted some door stops for work on wed, picked up son from football, put 5 and 10yr old too bed, read a mog story, looked after my wife in amongst all this, she has gastroenteritis and is unable to eat much, poor thing has lost 12 lbs in weight looks really gaunt already had one sess at hosp on a drip 1.5 litres later she feels bit better and went to the libary and got some dvds for the kids to watch, am now going to watch something myself probably “Die hard 4 ” its abit long but you did ask left out a few of the even more borong stuff


    Morning – submitted to the full city council including mayor how to rebuild our city better than it was in the past.

    Afternoon – Worked out a way to save a significant heritage building from demolition and give it a new life (hopefully).

    Typical sort of day at the moment in a totally atypical environment within a devastated city.

    Tricone, you’re not in Bradford are you?
    Tell me youlve achieved something with The Odeon


    Ha ha. No a long way from Bradford. I am in Christchurch New Zealand. Not even any world cup matches here to cheer us up!

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