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  • What have I done to deserve this?
  • Got broken into last week. They took the usual, oldest son’s lap top, games consoles, TV, computer, kids Christmas savings etc.. Luckily they didn’t venture into the basement and discover my bikes so I suppose I can be grateful for that. However woke up this morning to find an empty space in front of the house where our car used to be and some tracks in the snow. Wonderful! 😥 I thought that the modern security systems in cars were supposed to be pretty fool proof. Seems I was wrong (they got in and drove off without a key).

    or they copied you key last time they broke in


    B******s. i know how you feel. We got done over twice within a year. First time bikes from the garage, second time they burgled us while we were on holiday.


    properbikeco ^^^^^ Probably ….
    hangings to good for em 😈

    they copied you key last time they broke in

    No we were all out with the keys when they broke in (early evening).

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    No forgotten spare squirrelled away?

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    Roter Stern, what make of car out of interest?

    Sorry to hear that, shitty times.


    Can you find your spare key ?

    No we only have two keys for the car. It is/was a VW T5 Multivan. Very popular in eastern Europe I have been told for people who can’t afford them. This part of Germany is only a two hour drive from Poland. Somebody told me today that thieves come with a laptop which they stick into the computer port of the car and can crack the code in a matter of minutes to get the car started. I have no idea if this is true or not.

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    That’s how my mate lost his Golf R32.


    programme on radio 4 today about this, albeit with bmw’s. they get into the car, stick a fault reader into the ecu, read the keycode and program it into a new key. if they can do it to beemers, shirley they can do it to others? (i am not a thief, nor do i know how to do this, so don’t ask for details)


    Might have been towed or lifted.


    I’d hope security was better these days, but someone I used to work with got wound up by someone blocking his parking space.

    He noted down the registration, used his work access to gain the VIN. Ordered a new key. Then one evening simply drove it a couple of streets away, parked it, locked it, then went home.

    Nothing was said but she never blocked him in again.


    Someone must have copied the key number very hard otherwise

    But hope your luck changes soon



    Tip of the iceberg.

    No doubt the end of the bad weather will mean an uplift for crime.

    Bottom line the scumbags can access the information held in the car re the key code as the data is not encrypted. As the article states. ” even our reporter could do it” . As a BBC employee the article doesn’t state if the BBC reporter was a tax dodger or a pedo…..

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