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  • What have been your highs for this year?
  • ski

    Teaching my little one to cycle at last!

    Watching Chris Hoy on TV get 3x golds

    Staying with family in Hong Kong, controlling my fear of heights


    doing my first 50mile road race

    making new friends.

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    My good ladies 40th birthday party. In Slovenia. At a winery on a glorious summers day. What a weekend that was!

    British cycling success through the year. The Olympics and Para Olympics obviously, but lets not forget Cav at the Giro and Tour de France and Nicole Cook at the World champs.

    The STW Sourthern Festival hosted by the one and only World Class Accident.

    Meeting loads of new folk off here and making new friends as a result.

    Meeting FredDibnah!!

    Going to the French Alps (again I know but its an awsome place to ride on or off road)

    The Dyvi Enduro


    Had twins
    Got married
    Ran a 10K race in under 39 minutes
    Got promoted twice

    In true STW style, Bought a Skoda, grew a beard and bought a marin 😯


    Became ‘in remission’.
    Got a great job.
    Did the White Rose Classic in 8.5 hours
    Manchester 100 in 5 hours.
    Leeds Abbey Dash (10km) in 46 mins.
    Sorted the garden out.

    Helping Mrs redhat through her darkest times.
    Riding my bike in Holland and Belgium, the latter especially.


    ditto “in remission”
    got a new bike and started cycling for the first time since moving here.


    Buying my first mountain bike and subsequently meeting lots of great people, with a little help of course from IHN and WCA (or BBB as he prefers to be known as, can’t think why? :wink:) and having lots of fun along the way!


    Usual trip to Mega Avalanche in July
    Epic Blast in Co. Wicklow in September (I qualified first, ever tell you? 😉 )
    Meeting new people.


    Holidays in France and Belgium, both really great breaks from reality.
    Aquiring two cute kittens in september – they’re gonna keep me busy for years to come.
    2008 – not a vintage year all told; can we have a summer next year – pleeeeeze?!?!?!


    week offroad tour in the highlands.


    i love scotia.

    First Alps experience (Passportes)
    Some truely mad night rides
    Building the 5 spot and loving it!
    Teaching the wee yin to ride and swim
    All family related stuff!


    Doing the roads that I rode in the 'eighties with my homemade 700C drop bar mountain bike with a Bromton Sparticle Electric Kit No need to worry about Diabetic blackouts any more Have managed about fity miles to date in more than one ride so are happy 😀


    Oh and finally getting 'the land rover of the bicyle world' a Land Rover mountain bike after a 25 year wait!

    Stop it tyredoctor JUST STOP IT!!!!
    [peace and love]


    Winning a small amount of compenstion for my dad after his neglect and a fall. A 3 year fight.

    Slowly getting fitter.

    Meeting and chatting to some nice people, and some strange ones,(the strange ones where really nice people as well)

    Too many to mention 😀


    Passing my PGCE and getting QTS
    Getting a job in my second training school – tough area, bizarre school, love it.
    Sticking out life in the UK and remembering how good it really is – a few moments where it's been touch and go whether or not I would flit again.

    Taking the step to find old friend's locally and rekindling the friendships.


    Taking my daughters to Orlando on my own 😀

    Doing Land's End to John O Groats

    Getting 3rd Cat Roadie licence

    Seeing my 5 year old learning to read and write

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Rode the two sportives I did last year, and doing much better, despite still being fat and middle aged.

    Discovering a 40 mile towpath/cycle path loop that will be great in the winter when the trails are claggy

    Managing to link our two local rides into a 40 mile figure of eight on a warm dry day

    Premier Icon Daffy

    Graduated with a first class degree,

    Got job offers from 3 different companies,

    Ran the Leeds 1/2 marathon in 1:47,

    Stood in at Mountain Mayhem when a mate was injured on the first lap, completed 6 laps at an average time of 62mins with NO training. Was pissed on the first lap too.

    Got married;
    Saw lots of family I've not seen for years (thanks to the above);
    Had an ace mini-honeymoon in Scotland and had a craic with Steve Peat;
    Stopped taking daily medication;
    Have mainly resisted 'self medication' on the party drugs;
    Enjoyed a euphoric weekend camping and biking in the sunshine with good mates.


    Getting a win in our category at Hit the North last week.

    My wonderful husband shouting encouragement to me on a ride a few weeks ago when I finally cleared a descent that I tend to bottle out of normally.


    FINALLY managed to pluck up the courage to make some big changes in my life that I've always needed to do but never been "able" to. Turns out in the end it was so much easier than I ever dreamed.

    Best year of my life. 😀


    FINALLY managed to pluck up the courage to make some big changes in my life that I've always needed to do but never been "able" to. Turns out in the end it was so much easier than I ever dreamed.

    It is ok to wear socks with your sandles.


    mainlining PCP and regretamine cocktails..


    Finally leaving the crazy, crazy job I had.
    Finding out what weekends and evenings were again.
    Leaving the next job and finally getting a job that is perfect so far.
    Riding 62 miles with my son (his furthest by far)
    Riding up to the lakes and back in a fantastic and very enjoyable road trip.

    Leaving a horrible job, setting up my own business and making it work – my gorgeous wife has just landed a plum opportunity to expand her business too.

    Riding Fort William DH, Red & XC and having a cracking weekend away with my mates (the sun shone too).

    Having a proper Summer for the first time this Century.

    9yr old daughter beating everyone at her school and teenagers at her athletics club, winning her events at South Peaks Sports and coming 5th overall in the Derbyshire Mini League (Chesterfield, Derby & Amber Valley) 3rd round U11's today (her 1st serious competetive event) coming 2nd in the 80mtr sprint and 1st (tbc) in the high jump with 1mtr 15cm.


    Getting into photography
    Starting to recover from being horribly ill and depressed
    Having the BBC and the Observer come and cover a music project that I set up

    i got really high at glastonbury?

    You have to wait until Glasto NickyB?

    And not since?

    I do my entire yearly allocation in three days.

    Its very, very messy.


    grum – that is fantastic news.
    Your photos are always superb.


    Your photos are always superb



    the downhill thru Dinorwic Quarry. Whooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo

    the climb up was a killer tho


    -Spending a month in NZ with my brother and my gorgeous nephew
    -Ice climbing in N Wales
    -Glastonbury and seeing Mumford et al live
    -Goodwood Festival of Speed
    -Watchin the TDF on a hill with mates in Avoriaz
    -10 days climbing in the Dolomites
    -Finishing the 2 year renovation on my house
    -Finishing my 2 year Practitioner course

    Worst…reopening old wounds and falling out with my Dad!…Id give up the lot to turn the clock back in 2010.


    My boy last night pedaling for the first time :O)

    He's only 3 and a bit.



    Bunnyhop and yunki – thanks very much, really appreciate it. Strangely it has been in no small part thanks to discovering an interest (and dare I say talent 🙂 ) in photography that has got me out of a fairly deep depression.

    Still up for that 'crocks ride' at some point btw if you are.


    finding out I'm going to be a dad
    buying my orange five
    learning not to stress about work as much

    not so much this year (2010) as the last 12 months:

    visited elder sister in Canada for her wedding; did a nice road trip from Calgary to Vancouver & back

    saw youngest sister get married (ok, not as exotic as Canada, but Scarborough's not bad)

    my band started playing gigs and getting radio airplay, going down well

    watching 5-y-o niece growing up

    that'll do for now

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