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  • What have been this weeks bikey purchases?
  • Specialized Globe San Francisco 1.
    Charge Sponge grips,
    Wellgo V8 copies,
    New gloves,
    Cable extension for my lock,
    Squirt Lube.
    Hayes Stroker Brakes,
    Gamut P40 bash ring (which is now redundant as I'm getting…)
    SC Laser Chain device.

    Expensive weekend but shiny new things rock!


    New Full Face Helmet – white 661 Evolution.
    New P**s Pot Helmet – white Pro-Tec Ace.
    2nd hand 426 Pike coil forks.


    Blackburn Air Tower (with a knackered valve :roll:)
    Chain Whip
    Chain Wear Tool
    Little things that go on the end of gear cables that I can't remember the name of

    and best of all some Five Ten Sam Hill from eBay 😀

    Two Ritchey saddles (one for MTB one for hack/commuter bike), and a pair of full finger Oakley gloves, OK these are not strictly bike specific, but for £13.95 from the Oakley store at Cheshire Oaks they're cheap enough to use on the bike, and if they get shredded they're cheaper than a lot of other full finger gloves out there.


    Some second hand bars to replace my old Reetard ones which will snap sooner or later given the gouges I've taken out of them.

    This afternoon, I'm going to order some oil, some grease and some Fenwicks. And a crappy style saddle clamp so that I can fit a proper saddle to the exercise bike 😀


    Some green Oury lock on grips and blue clamps.

    No other purchases on the cards atm but I might stick my flat bars and ends back on and get some skinnier road/commute tyres cos that's 90% of my riding atm.

    The remedy

    Two easton monkeylite cnt dh bars.
    A set of fulcrum red zone wheels.
    A pair of bontrager xr4 tires.
    A kmc chain.

    Pink forks…*hangs head in shame* 😳


    Some XT shifters and a Remedy 😆


    A singlespeed..I weakened..


    Mamadirt – I LIKE it…

    2x Jones Mud X 1.8
    Hope ceramic bb and tool
    assorted brake cartridges
    Race Face Deus chainring
    Bearings for my Hope hubs
    3x PC991 Hollow chains
    2x bearing tools
    Sram PC990 cassete (gold spider)
    chain checker tool
    some inner tubes

    – not much really

    this, . . . . . . . arghhh, sorry . . . . . thought you said Pikey!!

    Superstar Hubs
    Mavic 819 rims
    Muntain King UST tyres

    Premier Icon domino

    A cross bike 🙂 My Giant TCX is ready for me at the bike shop, just waiting for the okay from the bike to work people. Hoping I can get before Friday so that I can for a ride.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Pink forks…*hangs head in shame*

    Makes my new Purple Inbred 29er look positively heterosexual!


    Premier Icon ton

    a £9.99 pair of silk glove liners…………. 😳


    A pair of 2.3 swampthings!

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Christ that pink on-one is a offence against human rights.

    As for purchases – just cables. Although it is to get my Dew back on the road and possibly using it as a do-all get-around-and-training bike whilst I'm away working. I may fit a powertap to it…


    I was abstaining and had been doing quite well since feb. However my forks broke so I sent them away for a repair and service. Then I decided as the bike was out of action and I was busy moving house I would drop my frame off to be powder coated.

    Got a few bits to refurb my commuter as well. But since it's snowing again and they are gritting it can stay in the box until it warms up (June?)


    A Titus Motolite .. direct from the states 😀
    loads of helicopter tape
    hope headset
    control tech seatpost
    Sram chain
    cables and odds and sods to finish the build !
    Oh and a cheap set of wheels for my roadbike , which came today


    This. Wanted to try out a steel road bike. Instead of Veloce there is a full Ultegra groupset and EA50/Fizik components. Can't wait to get it in my hands 🙂

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