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  • What hardtail frame for messing about on?
  • Medium surge frames £149 @ crc?

    will have a gander

    seatpost is 27.7mm 🙁

    Ah, sorry, missed the seat post requirement.


    Mmmbop is the only one I can think of that fits the bill within budget (2nd hand). Think it’s 31.6 seat tube but use do a shim if your on a 30.9 post.

    To build up with Uturn Lyriks/zee/flows/2.4 fat alberts/30.9 reverb

    for mid week messing around rides of 2hrs ish and 15 miles max

    £200 ish

    Premier Icon mike399

    I have a Blue Pig X Mk2 for similar duties. Not the lightest being steel and may not be designed for stupid lentgh forks, but ticks most of the boxes.
    44mm head tube, 30.9 post, I’m running 2.4 MkIIs with good clearance, slack head angle, great fun, yet climbs well.
    You might find a an old stock/decent second hand for that sort of money?


    What about a new shape Cotic BFe ?

    for 200 quid, where?

    Obvious choice but what about a 456?

    30.9 seattube

    New 456Evo2 will have a 30.9 seat tube according to the on one Facebook page. Might have to wait a few weeks for them to arrive in stock though.


    Second hand BFe? I’ve got a dinky little XS that I use fir prattling about on…it’s too small but is a hoot for jumping and riding the short sketchy DH runs in my local woods.

    Mine is a seconds frame that I got for £200 brand new direct from Cotic (not sure if they have any left though). There was a batch that had potentially squiffy welds on the drop puts that may have caught the chain when in the smallest cog on the cassette, hence them being sold cheap. Mine hasn’t got it, so result!


    Orange Five. Used of course to fit budget.


    What was wrong with the Pace your were selling as it sounds ideal. It’s a 31.9 seat post but that’s easily shimmed.

    Not 100% sure about getting a 2.4″ Albert in the back though.


    Orange crush frame fits all your requirements! 30.9 post and can fit a 2.4 tyre in with reasonable mud room.


    I’d go with a medium BFe with x fusions that are too long, a dish sized bash guard, bmx lever attached to crap mechanical disc brake and a rear mech that keeps disintegrating……oh no that’s mine.

    get a 2nd hand BFe (and a seat post shim!) you know you want to….

    i know i want to!


    I ll keep the bmx lever for you then!


    Had a blue pig X for two rides now and it’s a keeper plus it’s reverb friendly.
    Evo456 2 is available soon


    Trade in the post for a HiLo and buy my Alpine frame? 😆


    Bfe’s seem to go on EBay for around 180. I’ve had one for about 2 weeks..absolutely love it. Couldn’t find a Surge at the time so went for the Bfe.

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