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  • What "hardcore" hardtail?
  • Premier Icon Andy R

    16″ Dialled Alpine Mk3 in the classifieds at the minute.
    I wish I could afford it…………

    Premier Icon amedias

    That’s some fairly ‘plucked form the air’ numbers, or are you one of these people who thinks a bikes ride is solely determined by the manufacturers published head angle? 😉

    67deg static with 140mm forks?
    or 67deg sagged/weighted?
    Got a preference on material?
    BB height, you prefer low/mid/high?
    Seat angle?
    Fan of long or short top tubes?
    Chainstay length?
    Wheel size?
    Any brands you do/don’t like?

    When you say dropper compatible do you mean any frame with a seat tube size that can take a dropper or did you mean with appropriate cabling guides/stealth compatible etc?

    I’m actually trying to be helpful here as there are a fair few frames out there that could suit your requirements but probably need a bit more info on what you’re actually after before suggesting any.

    Premier Icon brassneck

    On One Ti456.

    I have to recommend it, it’s the rules.

    Tempted by a hardtail build.

    Needs to have 140mm or more. A 67 head angle and be dropper post compatible.

    Looking for £350 top frame only.

    What would everyone recommend?


    Sorry amedias.

    I currently ride a 18 inch Alpine 160 and love the way it rides.

    I’m looking for a hardtail that will ride very similar if possible.

    So far, I’m thinking the 650b Orange Crush or a Cotic/on one.

    Premier Icon mangoridebike

    Dialled Alpine Mk2 – ticks most of those boxes, 27.2 so fits some but not all dropper posts –

    Coincidentally 😉 I’m about to sell my full bike – 18″ frame, U turn lyrics up to 160mm. let me know if you’re interested, email in profile

    Just ordered the 650b cotic soul frame, should get it built up in next couple of week, ill let you know!

    Premier Icon The Pinkster

    Cotic BFe? I’m building one up at the moment with 160 Lyriks on the front but it’s designed to be ridden with a range of different fork lengths.

    Not ridden it yet but it’s looking damn fine at the moment – can’t wait to hit the trails this weekend on it.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Surely getting an Alpine would make it very confusing.


    Would recommend the BFe, looking to put mine up for sale this week if you happen to be interested 😉 Large frame in green, 6 months old. Only selling due to wanting full suspension and can’t justify both! 🙁


    Very interested. Can you mail me through some pics and more info please?

    You might struggle to find a Ti456 at that price? However, it’s a great riding bike. Think you’d have to get the EVO version too for dropper post guides. My older one hasn’t got ’em.


    I’ll take a couple of pics tonight and send them over later, cheers.

    Chromag Stylus not sure on head angle though


    My 2008 456 ticks all those boxes is great and you can find em for about £30

    Premier Icon brassneck

    You might struggle to find a Ti456 at that price? However, it’s a great riding bike. Think you’d have to get the EVO version too for dropper post guides. My older one hasn’t got ’em.

    Mine does, but they are called ‘cable ties’ 😀

    It works but isn’t pretty. Much like me really. £350 would be challenging though, yes.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    I hardly ride my FS since getting a BFe, I put adjustable forks (110/140) on it for most flexibility but it rides very well at 140. Importantly available in 26″

    There’s a Soul for sale in the Classifieds for £350 + PP


    Look at Stanton Bikes

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    I’m thinking the 650b Orange Crush or a Cotic/on one.

    Just get a 45650B

    It ticks all the boxes you mentioned, undershoots your budget, and you get to whine about On-One’s shoddy customer service, apparently…


    Dialled Bikes – ’nuff said.

    (Owner of Dialled PA mk1)

    late 80’s/early 90’s ht cannot get any more extreme than that 😉

    apologies 😳


    Pretty sure 26″ Stanton is 68 HA with 140 sagged except ti which is 67.5. 650b Stanton is 66.5 but £500ish


    (Orange + Dialled) x Alpine = 😀


    Dialled Alpine.


    NS Eccentric… Silly name lovely frame. Work-me at pedals bike care is still doing them at our introduction price of 385, which is NEARLY 350. Sort of.


    Dialled alpine, my bestest bike ever.


    Go on, you know you want to – this one’s locked.

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    I’d pick one of these: Buzzard, Yelli, Surface, Quarterhorse, Honzo

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