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  • What happened to nemone on radio 6…..?
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    i bluddy love 6 music, it awakened my love of music again when i caught up with it on dab. couldnt believe there was a mainstream(ish) station playing loads of proper punk as well as great new music id never bother listening to if it wasnt on the radio.
    couldnt believe marc riley had a spell a while ago when he played crass each night!!

    love the weekday routine all the way through. steve lamacq probably my favourite tho. weekends a bit hit and miss for me as im not a fan of ‘world music’ or jazz/funk, and i also find tom ravenscroft a bit boring at times, but yep, nowt up with liz kershaw 🙂


    Liz Kershaw is incompetent and inept.
    It is embarassing listening to her bumble over conversations with callers.So much just goes over her head,she misses the point regularly.It so painful at times I turn off.This isn’t about taste or opinion it’s fact.
    She was dull as ditchwater 20 odd years ago and she’s even duller now that’s opinion.
    And she’s from my neck of the woods too so I really wanted to like her.And I won’t mention nepotism either


    She’s on now!


    The only problem with Liz Kershaw is her incredibly narrow taste in music (for a dj).You’re pretty much guaranteed to hear siouxie and the banshees,the damned,the clash (and anything else from the same 18 month time period she eulogises about)in a slightly different order every week.

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)

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