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  • What grips for a week in the alps?
  • Premier Icon wallop

    Have you got poorly fitting gloves? When my gloves stretch and gather in the palm is when I get callouses.

    I like fat grips and used to use Superstar Excel, but they’re too long so I have swapped to Race Face Strafes which are really nice.

    The expression “man up” is usually utter @rse, but in this case it probably applies. Sore fingers from braking, forearm pump, burning thighs (!), all par for the course.

    I’d just make sure they arent too thick and are attached securely.

    Your gloves might be the issue anyway…?


    Might try some new gloves as well then. Got some nice Mace ones that were ace value but always felt that were tight across the palms rather than loose and bunching.

    Will check the RF’s



    I’m not convinced thick grips actually help – more likely gloves as above.


    What Evers on your bike. You don’t need special grips, just ride with what you normally do

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Love the ESI Foam ones….

    Spotty dog IMHO.

    But also love the Ergonomic ones on my Fatbike..


    Got some lizard skins peatys that are excellent for a day but after a weekend I get pretty big callouses on my hands.

    I don’t want raw palms ruining my big week away so was thinking of trying the north shore grips as they’re chunkier.
    Also looked at Ergon grips.

    Recommendations appreciated!



    The whole man up thing is a load of arse, you are right there.

    However, having tired arms is different to not being able to grip due to blisters. I read somewhere on here a guy saying that his week of riding was made pretty sh*te due to big blisters on his hands. Guess it might be the gloves that need changing instead though so open to suggestions there as well.

    Thanking you…

    Premier Icon Northwind

    rather liking the ESI Chunkys, soft without being too squishy. Good gloves might help too though (and make sure you take a few pairs, mine were rank after a couple of days, doesn’t help at all)

    Oh. And you know those Compeed heel blister plasters, the big thick ones? Those are absolutely brilliant for all manner of mtb blisters, they stay on better than anything else i’ve tried and they offer a nice thick pad too. I made the mistake of trying new gloves for the endurance dh race 2 years ago and had blisters the size of 50p pieces on each palm after 3 hours, these things saved my race… But also good for under pads etc, where normal plasters always fall off.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Blisters bad, callouses normal and help.
    Bigger grips don’t tend to work for me – the ergo’s lasted 1 ride and that was 1 too many, better fitting gloves is the big one. If your going to swap you want a big run in with them to make sure they are not worse.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    My tip – don’t worry about your palms; instead sort your fork out and don’t grip too tight

    The last (and 2nd) time I went I had the fork way too hard on day one. I got some sort of tendonitis/bursitis in my forearms and couldn’t properly hold the bars. Was taping them as tight as I could round the sore bit, just to get through the week. Off my face on codeine and nurofen, though, so it wasn’t all bad 😆


    Excellent tips peeps, much appreciated!


    Forget about MTFU, I’ve had a couple of Alps trips almost ruined due to blisters. It is worth making some effort to get a good glove/grip combination before you go. Personally I like Sunline thicks and Troy lee XC gloves.


    i use portland design grips. sooooo comfy

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Personally I like Sunline thicks

    I’ve got a pair of those you can have next time I see you then, I like thick grips myself but they’re too chunky for me.

    Like Teeto and Northwind I’m a big fan of the ESI grips. Until recently I had been using the thinner ‘racers edge’ variety. Which are fine. I order ‘chunky’ by mistake, fitted them to the FS bike, thought they looked too big as I prefer thin grips.

    Went for a spin a couple of days later and thought to myself how comfy and tactile the ‘chunky’ version was. I also realised that I’d not bother putting my gloves on before I set off. Very comfy indeed.

    Granted ill fitting gloves may play a part but in the last year of using ESI grips I’ve had no blister or callous problems using 3 different pairs of gloves.


    If you take some of that slightly stretchy surgical tape stuff, if you start to get blisters tape your hands before they get worse, generally sorts things out a bit.

    Or just try and ride lots before you go, the main issue is you’re asking your hands to do a lot more gripping than they’re used to!


    Esi chunky getting some love then.

    “i use portland design grips. sooooo comfy” – hi Tony, cheers will check these out. Meant to say thanks for the ace training a few weeks back. We were all clearing gaps and table tops nicely at Llandegla on Saturday! 🙂
    Hope to be back down Hertford way later in the year to say hi and try some of the NS…


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