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  • What 'Fun Car' – £25k and under.
  • Premier Icon forge197

    Lime green RS awesome

    I’d go Elise with K20 too – Please you see…


    E46 M3 CSL
    996 turbo
    But if it was a second car I’d be after a caterham 7 super light.

    TVR Griffith.

    Local Toyota Garage has a Green RS Focus in as well, £24k.


    The Mevabusa would have to be on my list to be honest.

    Premier Icon stumpy01

    b r – Member
    Whatever you get will always be a compromise.

    Buy a ‘normal’ car (with towbar), car trailer and a proper track day car – eg ex-racer.

    +1 if I was to get one.

    £5k on a decent tow car and trailer, the rest on a track car.


    I did find that Caterham’s are fairly easy to attach your bike to the back with 🙂


    fully prepped ready to race MKII escort rally car

    Premier Icon tthew

    I loved my Caterham 7. Not bothered about cars so much these days, but a bit less obvious than some of the, (admittedly brilliant) suggestions, and if you could find them,
    Rocket Car Company.
    Ginetta G50
    Lotus Esptit V8

    + another for Ariel Atom.

    (only because I want one)

    I still love the original pillion version – don’t really see that about now.


    Austin maxi 1750

    Premier Icon alibongo001

    If you want to drive to the track, then a 996 turbo would be a great choice for the journey and the track

    Westfield / Caterham would be excellent on the track but maybe too much of a compromise on the way there.

    (I may be slightly biased as I am selling a 996 turbo!)


    Best car I ever drove sportingly was a TR7 which I borrowed from a friend and spent the evening doing laps around Pudsey St Lawrence cricket ground.

    I highly recommend one of those and that circuit.

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    Forgot one, bro-in-law has the funniest sub 7 second 200bhp monster. Ideal for getting to the track, setting an indecent lap tome, taking bikes there and all after dropping the kids off at school. Yep why not consider a Meriva VXR?


    Night all!


    VX220 maybe. That Lotus vid was brilliant.

    +1 for Honda S2000.

    Quick, responsive, good brakes, hell of a lot of fun when the V-Tec kicks in.

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