What fruit for a beginner?

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  • What fruit for a beginner?
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    Should I jump straight in with a pineapple or pop my cherry with a small banana?

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    pop my cherry with a small banana

    you’re supposed to eat the cherries, not hammer them with other fruit.


    Good God, man, you can’t start with a pineapple. Are you mad?

    I always tell fruit noobs to keep it simple. Step 1: two glacé cherries with a quart of rum. Step 2: a real cherry, accompanied by a nice, oak infused whiskey. After that, the world’s your coconut.


    Durian wins the fruit contest every time. Thread closed


    pop my cherry with a small banana?

    Is the fruit for eating or for something else? 😯

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    [League of Gentlemen Voice]

    It’s death by mau mau all over again, isn’t it?

    [/League of Gentlemen Voice]


    I’d say peppers there one of the least fruity fruits.


    This was funny a couple of hours ago.


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    Durian wins the fruit contest every time. Thread closed

    The king of all fruits but do watch out for proper ways of eating durians.

    The traditional ways of eating durians are:

    1. Drinking hard liquor at least after a day or two after consuming durian.
    2. Avoid Guniess stout as well for a day or two.
    3. Avoid deep fried food if you can.
    4. Avoid herbal soup containing all sort of ginseng.

    1. Add about a tea spoon of salt with water to the empty shell compartment of the durian and drink it after consuming durian.
    2. Do not eat too much … easier said than done.

    The reason is that durian is “high” or “positive (Yang)” energy food which means if you body cannot cope you will have problems.


    p/s: … if you have high blood pressure … avoid by all means.

    No fruit. Don’t do it!


    For a beginner a gentle fruit is advisable, quintin crisp wrote extensively about this very issue

    Stick to berries

    try fruitella hahahaha no seriously….. for a beginner i think pineapple would be terrible….. a whole pineapple ?? you wont even know how to cut it open :mrgreen:……try grapes….. easy peezy lemon squeezyy 😉 :mrgreen:


    I think the Quince is grossly underrated and unfairly neglected.

    Trendy fruit, but probably not for a novice, is a Medlar not ripe yet they need another month or so and some frost….


    beginners fruit – hmmm, start as you mean to go on

    Lemon (unwaxed) eaten with gusto like a Big Mac, big bites, CHOMP, skin and all..

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    start on smoothies

    kumquat & mangosteen, maybe ?

    Has to be the humble tomato.


    A pomegranate. Or an acai berry (not sure what it is, but according to the adverts it’ll detox your body, make you thin, and increase your attractiveness to the same/opposite sex).

    I had some quince jelly with cheeses recently. It’s for the more advanced frugivores IMO

    Is the next step from the WCA thread of earlier, if so the Durian may present something of a challenge!!

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    Breadfruit. Doesn’t taste like fruit. Doesn’t taste like bread. Doesn’t taste of anything. But it’s good for you. Apparently.


    +1 for Seedless grapes are the perfect balance bike fruit.

    But not too many or you’ll have the squits tomorrow.

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