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  • nwilko

    currently running some 07 Coil Revs with U-turn.
    Have found that 120mm is pretty sweet for alround stuff but i use the full travel 140mm on rougher trail centres.
    Does tend to pack down on repeated big hits and not sure the srping is stiff enough for my 13stone.

    looking for something with a more rising spring rate i guess to stop it diving (packing down), running hope hubs so could either go normal QR or 20mm axle (i think)..

    Any 2009 bargins worth having ? any must avoids ?


    old soul or new soul?

    you do know the old ones are only rated up to 130mm travel?


    When you say packing down do you mean a) compressing too easily, or b) compressing and then staying compressed for longer than you would like?

    Also, do you have the correct spring for your weight?


    130 uturn revs are great. for me tho 120 reba maxle teams atm. great fork.


    doh, yep their 130mm travel..
    2008 soul.
    fork seems soft, and hence seems to pack down on bumpy descents,
    no preload adjustment hence i have to wind up the blowoff threshold on the damper on the top of the right leg, this then makes the fork less supple on smaller stuff.
    dosent seem right effectively adding damping to cure what i think is a spring rate problem, but arent the springs linear ??

    am i better with an air sprung fork ?
    is it worth spendning money on forks that are already several years old (2nd set of seals in stanchions thus far).

    any ideas ??




    You could try a firmer spring – probably the cheapest option unless you are looking for excuses to buy a new fork 😉

    The standard spring in the forks is rated for 63-72 Kg
    The firm spring – 72-82 Kg
    And extra firm – more than 83 Kg

    If in doubt it is best to go softer, as their recommendations are very firm. I weight 85Kg and found a firm spring good.


    Also if you have a lot of rebound damping applied this means that the fork won't extend very quickly after each impact, which can lead to 'packing down' over extended rough sections. This is a different problem to having a soft spring however, and so could also happen with a firm spring.

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    iF IT IS PACKING DOWN YOUR REBOUND DAMPING IS TOO HIGH GIVING A SLOW RETURN. OOPS sorry about the caps lock. Can't be bothered to retype. If you like the fork generally then as suggested above go for a spring with a greater spring rate.


    Look at your spring rate and damper setup. Running them with full floodgate is NOT the right way to go.


    Have a chat with Mr Flooks and send them to TF tuned. I have the same forks on my soda and sent them there to be serviced/push'd. When they got back they just felt right and I haven't touched them since.

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    For the old (130mm) Soul the perfect match is the 100-130mm dual air Revelations, if you ask me… Pretty light, adaptable, decent performance, reliable, they even look right- not too fat for the skinny tubes. And no need for a maxle, I have a set of QR 130mm revs and a set of maxle 140mm revs and there's not much difference in the ride at all.

    But you should be able to get yours to work right for you. Sounds like it's mainly setup issues though maybe the spring rate's not right for you either.

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