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  • What fork on a blur LTC
  • AndyRT

    I know it’s a first world problem, but I have this lovely frame and want to build if back up.

    Had lyric 2 step airs before and not that impressed. Fancy a single purpose fork, making this Wales and Alpine friendly bike.

    Sold and re homed all other bits to build another bike which suits most my usual XC needs, so I’d like to make this into a bit of a thug.

    Thinking 160, maybe 150mm

    What fork seems a good choice for stiff, light etc….

    Whilst I’m at it, what wheelset too



    I’ve had Fox float 160s and recently put new 160mm 27.5 Pikes on my Blur LTc.
    Feels great to me!


    Just taken dual step Lyrics off mine and put 140 CTD 32’s much plusher, just the job for trail riding.


    Plays well with these,
    160mm 34 Floats with the Avalanche Cart in them.
    Alternative would be the pike

    I like my 160mm 36 Talas RLC, I also liked my 150mm Revelation Teams I used to have… Would be interested to try 34s or new Pikes as a comparison, but I would definitely say 150/160mm travel works very well 🙂


    I’d also add I was running older 36s and 55s on my heckler before I got the blur and I don’t notice a lack of stiffness at all.


    150 revs on mine

    160 Pikes on mine. had 150 Revs and they were good but Pikes rock. only 5mm longer overall too.

    Here it is with 2 of its brothers.

    Premier Icon Krooges

    New pike 160mm dual air on mine. The 130 setting is good to have
    for climbing


    I’ve got some 160mm Float 34’s on mine. If I was buying some new folks however I would be getting some new Float 36’s



    150 revs on mine as well.. all good

    Dual position pikes here – great match for the LTc

    Premier Icon 4130s0ul

    Fox 36 TALAS 160mm’s for me (2011’s I think) they’re a great complimentary fork for the bike.
    at 160mm they’re all the burl you need
    at 130mm they help on the climbs.
    and the thickness of the stanchions match the frame perfectly. anything thinner and they just appear too spindly IMO

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