what fork?

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  • what fork?
  • I’m looking for a fork, 34 – 36mm stanchions, 140mm travel, 1 1/8th steerer. Black. Any suggestions other than float 36?


    The 1 1/8th steerer is going to be a limiting factor these days. I would have suggested the new RS Pike otherwise.

    Marz 350 is the only fork that I can think of that still has a 1 1/8th steerer option, but they’re 650b and 15mm axle so I don’t know if that’s any use?

    If you’re happy to go used then that might open up a few more options. Marz 55, old RS Pike, Lyrik, X-Fusion Vengeance etc.

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    X-Fusion Vengeance?
    Suggests they do a 1 1/8th version and internally adjustable travel.

    happy with 2nd hand and would prefer 20mm axle.

    Vengeance looks good, I’ll have to keep an eye out.

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    Lyrik i’d have thought – there’s a couple ridiculously cheap in the classifieds atm.


    If buying new then I think you pretty much have two decent but not light options the X fusion Vengence HLR or Marzocchi 55. The new 350 CR is tapered.

    I’m really liking my 350 CR super stiff and very good on big hits or very rocky sections.


    Speaking from experience, Lyriks don’t pedal well even dialled down to 115mm. Quite heavy too… but oh so nice on the downs 😀

    Something like an older RS Pike 409 might be worth looking at. 140mm, 1 1/8th, 20mm axle, black. Only 32mm stanchions though.

    I think you’ll struggle to find a 1 1/8th Vengeance to be honest, even though they do exist.


    I just sold some Pike 426 coils, would highly reccomend, plush, lockout, 20mm maxle, standard steerer, quick dialdown from 140 to 95mm. Compared to new Pike RS they are very close performance wise. Even though 32mm stanchion with the maxle never had any noticeable flex.

    Sure you can find similar for this sort of budget



    Do you really need 34+mm stanchions? Seems overkill for 140mm travel forks. Only reason i ask is that Revs are plenty stiff and there are loads of them on the market with 1 1/8 steerers.

    Mine are 150mm, 20mm maxle and PLUSH. And pretty stiff.

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