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  • What food for first 100 mile road ride….
  • oldgit

    I think what you need to take from this is everyones different! no too people will need the same amount of energy or liquid. I drink far more than any of my riding buddies, but I eat less.

    Indeedy doody da. Actually I was trying to get that across in my post, in fact I only take out the bars so I don’t get told off. Then again I am like an inverted camel.


    Jamie – they have these things called pubs, or Public Houses. They are denoted by a little ‘PH’ on any good Ordnance Survey (OS) map.

    These ‘Public Houses’ are much like your own house except there are often other people (the public) in them, they have urinals in the toilets and you have to pay for food and drink.

    You will normally find at least one in any decent sized village. If you’re running low on energy roll into one and ask the person stood behind the counter with drinks behind it (the bar) for one of their finest ales and a meal of your choosing.

    Your choice of food is often restricted by ‘a menu’. This is a list of all the meals that they can provide you with and will generally show you the associated cost so that you can choose something that fits your budget.

    I am more than happy to accompany you on a ride and talk you through this process in great detail. I suggest we stop at one at least every 20 miles so that by the end of the trip you are happy to enter a ‘pub’ on your own.


    Sorry if I am being a bit thick, but could you break that down some more. I just don’t understand.

    Also what does HTH mean?

    Kind Regards


    Indeedy doody da.

    True. My problem is I usually just grind it out rather than making sure I refuel properly, usually feeling like crap afterwards as a result. This way at least I know what the rough amount I should use to stop me from doing this.

    Cheers all for the replies tho.

    …and Molgrips. Camelbak? Tsk! 😉


    I think I’ll have to act as a guide on this one. All I ask is you buy me a ploughmans and a packet of pork scratchings.

    Yours obligingly,



    All I ask is you buy me a ploughmans and a packet of pork scratchings.

    Bit greedy no?

    …but probably can come to some arrangement.

    Yours sincerely,

    JameZ (LolzWtF?!11)

    I particularly like ‘avoid anything healthy’ cos you just know the Tour is won by eating Haribo’s and only drinking one bottle of water in a four hour ride.

    If you can ride for four hours without eating much, then you are rambling on a bike, not riding. If you can ride for four hours without drinking then… I recommend aquaban.

    There was a pot of tea involved too, and before we set off I had

    bowl of porridge (so ~330ml of fluid)
    Pint of squash
    Protien shake (another ~330ml)
    double espresso + milk (200ml)

    So thats almost a litre and a half of fluid, then another litre and a half on the bike/tea stop. I also pointed out that those 4 hours were at an easy 16.5mph average, going harder/faster means more fluid.

    I wouldn’t eat harribo, gives me cramps during excercise (maybe its psycological, but put some harribo in a bottle of warm water and shake it to see what I imagine is going on in your stomach).

    The pro’s don’t eat apples with the skins on, thats a fact, they have them peeled. And avoiding high fibre food during strenuous excercise is just common sense!


    avoid tomato skins, just remembered.

    my fave at the moment is cheap walnut cake


    Indeed, it was very much appreciated but given i have already admitted you are awesome, do i really need to stroke your ego more?

    I’m very shy and dejected inside, so need constant compliments to keep my ego power level high, otherwise i sulk, eat loads of pies and watch TV ( bit like ben stiller in dodgeball at the end ). Anyway, your stroking action is being very much enjoyed 😈


    i was only out for a few hours yest and got through 2 750ml bottles (one with e.lyte tab) but only a banana.

    Then again I only managed a piddling 38 miles

    edit: hopefully it’ll be quicker with gears


    to OP, you’ll also find as you get fitter and faster that you will consume less/drink less.
    I’m guessing at your pace your hitting just over 6 hours for 100 miles, so gradually as you get down to around 5.5 hours then your body will need a little less to keep it functioning. By time you get around 5 hours then everything will be constant, i.e. steady pace, little sips of juice and little bits to eat now and again. At around 4.5 hours pace then your body is quite evolved and can function easier without foods and drink, and by this time your doing the same distance but 90 minutes quicker. You also tend to carry less as you get fitter, basic pump, lever and tube and a fiver for me. and some food in pockets and simply refill at a shop halfway. Alot depends on your pre ride routine and post ride routine, not just during the ride.

    The great John Tomac used to constantly eat prior to a race, anything and everything down his trap and there’s the key. Night before, eat till your full, the eat some more, and eat till you go to sleep. Up early, eat and drink constantly till about an hour before the ride, then sip away on drinks for last hour. This should get you at least halfway through 100 miles before you start feeling hungry.


    Yesterdays same 90-odd mile ride..

    1.5 Litres of water with Torq natural energy in it.
    1 Torq bar
    2 Torq gels (1 with guarana)
    1 Banana

    Breakfast was some muesli, a banana and some yoghurt (plus a couple of cups of black coffee).

    Once I’m riding, I don’t seem to need too much. I did the 85-mile Etape Caledonia last year in 4:12 with less than I had yesterday. I do tend to make up for it afterwards though.

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