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  • fourbanger

    It’s a shame Opinel don’t make a single handed opener, then I could recommend an Opinel.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    They’re locking, though.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    I had a Gerber Buck knife for about 30 years. Good solid blade I could shave with. I massaged the action so I could flick it open. Originally bought it for pig hunting.

    Stopped carrying it everywhere because SWMBO was convinced I’d end up in gaol.

    Edit: sorry, it’s a locking blade.


    Should be something here


    Spyderco would be my choice.


    Shave with a knife and then go hunting pigs with it ? Sounds like proper man’s business.

    Boba Fatt

    I have a Swiss army knife, but all I’m needing is a single blade that I can open with one hand.

    I hear good things about Spyderco. I like the look of Browning but the ones I’m finding are all locking blade, which is why my Gerber tool stays in the garage now.



    The one I use is from 1943 that was my grand dads.

    Just a blade and marlin spike for getting arrows out 🙂



    I have one made by Buck. Easy to open, locks open. Can be opened and closed very easily with one hand. It has a nice black rubbery type of handle so not slippery when wet.

    Excellent field sport knife, very robust. Came with a belt pouch. The perfect one handed knife IMO.

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    Excuse my ignorance. Are locking blade types illegal to carry? If so, what’s the logic with that? I mean people are just as kill-able with any type of knife aren’t they?


    Excuse my ignorance. Are locking blade types illegal to carry? If so, what’s the logic with that? I mean people are just as kill-able with any type of knife aren’t they?

    The Uk has a torturous set of knife laws – we’re the most paranoid country in the world about them if I recall correctly. It’s sort-of legal to carry a knife that locks and/or is over 3inches if you have sufficient justification, eg. you’re going camping or fishing etc. It’s not ok to have one because they’re a very useful thing to have and the locking aspect is somewhat frowned upon.
    you can carry a sub 3 inch non-locking folding knife and be ok, it’s the reason I like the svord peasant so much – it’s max length and the tang is clasped in the handle so it’s essentially impossible for it to fold on your fingers.


    Spyderco Squeak. Lovely little knife, typically easy to open one-handed, using the hole in the blade, but it’s designed so that when you hold it, your finger fits into the choil behind the blade, so that it’s impossible for the blade to close on your fingers. There’s a pause built into the blade at 90 degrees when you close it, to make it less likely to accidentally close it with your fingers in the way.
    Nice stumpy little blade, just a really useful little EDC knife.
    Just to make it clear, it’s a non-locking blade.


    Michael Morris does a nice friction folder which you can spec to your requirements. Single handed opening and, most importantly, a bottle opener.



    Have a look at the Leatherman skeletool cx, open with one hand and other tools too?


    This is the Squeak, while I’m trying to force the blade closed on my finger:

    This is how the blade pauses while you close the blade:

    Just about the nearest you’ll get to a lock-blade without it having a lock.


    Leatherman Skeletool has a locking blade. Great knife though – the CX has carbon fibre insert and a 154cm blade.

    Little Spydy or Benchmade – I think Heinnie has some UK specific non-lockers.


    154cm blade

    Definately not a legal carry 😉

    Some nice knives on 5thElefants link, although guessing this might not be a legal EDC….

    (clicky linky piccy)

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