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  • What fish for fish converters ? (not for any particular trails!!!)
  • joepose

    No finer fish than the cheap old mackerel, fresher the better and simply fried. Let me know how you get on?

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    I’m not a fish fan but mackerel often hits the spot, is carb-free and is very, very good for you.

    Premier Icon Haze

    Plaice, Sole

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Meaty? Tuna steak?


    Agree on the mackerel.. Tuna steak sounds right up your street too

    weird thread title though


    Halibut, Hake or John Dory float my boat


    Shark steak.

    Premier Icon santacruzsi

    cheers folks…thread title was supposed to reference the “what tyres for….” saga 😀


    Mackerel fillet is delicious simply grilled skin side up till the skin is crispy, with some olive oil. I also like the tinned John West Mackerel fillets in sauces (mustard sauce and curry sauce in particular) mashed on toast and grilled.

    If Regal Fish deliver to you they do delicious fish cakes and fish fingers (though they’re in batter). Really meaty with great quality fish.

    Monkfish is good, but expensive and difficult to cook as it can dry out.

    Nice juicy Tiger Prawns always hit the spot, the raw ones you cook up.

    I’m hungry now…

    Premier Icon santacruzsi

    Getting into eating more fish lately and so far tried trout, seabass and the usual cod and haddock. Looking for another piece of fish to have tomorrow evening for tea and wondering what to try next. We prefer nothing with such a fishy taste, more of a meaty taste. Really liked the trout. Any suggestions welcome and associated recipes! Cheers.

    Edit – considering Monkfish next.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Stir fried king prawns and scallops with a bit of diced chorizo!

    Not really ‘fish’ though.

    Current fave for my fast days (on the 5:2) is river cobbler. Basically it’s farmed catfish, but they can’t call it catfish ‘cos that has to come from Louisiana or something.

    Sprinkled with Cajun seasoning, or Old Bay seasoning if you can find it, oven cooked, delicious and dead cheap too. Asda and Sainsbury both do it, never looked for it in a fishmongers though. And someone will be along to sneer no doubt because it did have a bad rap a few years back, but that was years back.

    Premier Icon paladin

    Mackerel fish fingers, in a bun, with Mayo. Yum! Cheap!

    Monkfish scampi. Yum! Expensive!


    Fish farm fish good…. Net caught fish bad, imo.

    Saibling…..don’t know the name English, but it’s good.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Mackerel coated in porridge oats – dip in flour, egg, oats.

    Fry in generous quantity of oil. Serve with (cheesy) mash, salute or crushed buttered new potatoes with fine beans.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Salute would be saute. Darn predictive text.


    mackerel is my 1st choice.

    alpin – Member
    Fish farm fish good…. Net caught fish bad, imo.

    huge amounts of little fish are caught to make the food for the farmed fish. this leaves little for the wild fish (or anything else) to eat.
    very bad imo.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Dover Sole. spensive but good. (Add if it’s not expensive, it’s not Dover Sole)

    jonah tonto

    just make sure its really fresh. that ‘fishy’ taste comes from it ageing, meat ages well, fish does not.

    my vote is also mackerel which is is good at the moment but will be gone till next summer soon.
    also big cornish sardines are good now too but they are bit of a faff if your new to fish unless you can get them filleted


    This is worth considering when deciding on fish


    There’s a handy app as well

    Tuna steak, pan fried over a medium heat. The longer you fry it the meatier it will be…but be careful not to overdo it, it should still be slightly pink in the middle; the fresher the tuna, the more pinkerer it can be.

    Premier Icon trout

    GITS 😯

    Swims away and hides

    Premier Icon parkesie

    All of them in a pie om nom nom

    Premier Icon bails

    No one mentioned salmon?

    Where to start:

    Red Mullet has a distinctive meaty flavour (cook with liver intact)
    Turbot would be in my top 10

    As would:

    Hake, Bass, Salmon (Scottish)and Tuna (very fresh and seared both sides, raw in the middle.

    Mackerel is good fresh, quite strong flavour.

    For shellfish:

    Langoustines (Scottish)
    Tiger Prawns
    Cromer crab
    Live lobster split and grilled quickly over the bbq
    Squat Lobster (Squatties) if you ever see them
    Scallops nice but very sweet / needs something else cooked with them to offset.

    You can buy King Crab frozen – its a very good intro to shellfish, nice meaty white flesh. Not cheap though…



    Make the above with halibut. It’s my standard fish-converter recipe. Careful not to over cook the halibut; it’s done in a couple of minutes. Decent mangoes a must.

    +1 for Dover sole, best grilled whole on the bone. Another +1 for John Dory, if you like a meaty texture.

    Red mullet is the bomb, especially done on the barbecue.

    As someone above pointed out the “fishy taste” / smell is sure sign of something on the way out / past it.

    Fresh fish smells only of the sea. Buy from a good Fishmonger, the gills should be bright red and the eyes clear.

    Premier Icon santacruzsi

    Thanks for the replies folks, appreciated. Certainly a fair bit to consider!

    Premier Icon santacruzsi

    Well last weekends fish fest didn’t go ahead as the freezer packed in so it was see what we could salvage for tea! Anyhow got some red mullet today so will give that a whirl later.

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