What fast rolling dual ply tyre for trail riding?

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  • What fast rolling dual ply tyre for trail riding?
  • Premier Icon chrisdw

    High roller II’s with the exo casing. It’s a bit like 1.5 ply.

    Have you thought about tubeless? Maxxis LUST tyres tubeless are on a 100% reliability rate for me.


    Larsons work for me everywhere, I just found out they do them in dual ply super tacky. They could be perfect for you.


    Tubeless. Zero pinch flats since i converted over 18 months ago. Use any tyre you want

    Wouldn’t the super tacky just increase the drag factor? With two 60a minion dhfs on there is so much drag that I feel like I am towing a caravan.


    High rollers or 2.35 single ply minions?
    Dh tubes?
    More pressure?


    Good lord, no tyre is going to feel “right” after running 2.5 dual ply DH tyres on an all round hardtail 😯

    More pressure? Stop smashing stuff? Ride smoother?

    Premier Icon tomaso

    2.35 minion rear or high roller dual ply 60a will save a chunk of weight over the 2.5. I think the dhf minion grips better but doesn’t,t roll as well.

    Left field choice the bargaintastic on one chunky monkey would save some weight and still maintain puncture impunity 🙂


    There is bigger all drag on a 60a Larson so there will probably be just a little on the 42a. I’m not sure if they do a 62a dual ply.

    2.35 minions and 2.4 high roller 2 both look good choices.

    Legend – “Stop smashing stuff?” Impossible! This is why I ride.

    I have been running dual ply 2.5 minions for most of the year and I love the fact I never get pinch flats any more but the weight and drag are just unbearable. I tried using a 2.25 ardent from my XC bike but it just doesn’t feel right so what other tyre choices do I have? It is for a 140mm hardtail and I ride all over the peaks.


    Specialized 2.35 Butcher or Clutch SX – around 900g


    I reckon the new Schwalbe Rock Razor in super gravity casing would suit you http://www.pinkbike.com/news/First-Look-and-Riding-Impressions-Two-New-Tires-From-Schwalbe.html
    I ran a dual ply Larsen TT in super tacky as a rear for a while and it was fine (it’s on my dj hardtail now).

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